List of 21 Best PPC Tools to Increase Your Ad Presence (Free and Paid)

List of 21 Best PPC Tools to Increase Your Ad Presence

Beginner or an experienced and skilled professional, every marketer needs tools to save their time and energy. In PPC marketing, technology makes it even easier. There are 21 free and paid best PPC tools available that can improve your ad presence.

From keyword research to creating landing page and ad copies, there are multiple tools that can save your time. So, if you are getting started with Pay Per Click marketing, don’t forget to check this list of 21 best PPC tools.

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Built into the Google Ads interface, Keyword planner is a powerful and free keyword research tool offered by the Google. Keyword Planner should be your first choice when it come choosing the right search terms for your ads. Keyword planner offer exact bid amount and relevant keywords with search volume and suggested bid rate. With help of this tool you can choose the keywords with high search volume and less CPC.

Semrush (Free / Paid)

A free and paid all-in-one competitive research tools. Semrush allows you to check your competitor’s ads in full depth. You can even check that how much your competitor is spending on ads and which keywords they are targeting. It also offers the opportunities to enhance your display advertising. In short, SEMrush isn’t only a tool; it’s a passion of search engine marketers.

Spyfu (Free / Paid)

Spyfu is only tool which provide much more in detail in its free version, that too without signup. This tool provides a massive history of your competitor’s ads, keywords, bid rate, landing pages and ad copies. What else we need to run a successful PPC campaign? Just type your competitor’s website in search bar and get full history.

Ahrefs (Free / Paid)

The one and only best tool when it comes to both SEO and PPC. After Google, Ahrefs is the tool with second largest crawler which provides you a deep analysis of your competitor’s SEO and PPC data. Ahrefs has also a great blog and community page where you can learn and discuss more about SEO and paid marketing.

Campaign Watch (Paid)

Campaign Watch was founded in 2008. This tool offers users perspective conversion funnel which made it different from other PPC tools. You can even see the competitor’s latest offers, promos, and results of their A/B split test. Like other tools Campaign Watch provides details about competitor’s landing page, ad copies, and keywords.

Wordtracker (Free / Paid)

Use Wordtracker for keyword research part. It offers a 7 day free trial to find the keywords for your ad description and URLs. You can have a look where your competitors are investing their time and money. This tool offers a chrome extension called Wordtracker Scout to easily kick start your research process.

SimilarWeb (Free / Paid)

Get data of your competitor’s traffic sources, audience, demographic, and other useful marketing mix. SmiliarWeb also offer same features for mobile apps. It’s free version allow you to check the monthly traffic data (source, country, referral sites and keywords) of any website without any limit.

iSpionage (Paid)

This is only tool which offer ideas of Ad group. With iSpionage you can see how other advertisers are grouping their keywords, landing pages and ads. This tool allows you to check which keywords your competitors are bidding on and how many PPC ads they’re running.

Google Trends (Free)

Get idea of how a keyword is has been searched in a specific area and time. Google Trends can help you in improve your conversion rate by improving your targeted audience according to its trending area and time. This free tool allows you to compare data of 2 or more search terms.

Call Rail (Paid)

If your landing page has option for call and you want to track it, choose Call Rail. This tool allows you phone call tracking, detailed analytics and recording as well. Call Rail is the only PPC call tracking softer which features Google Ads and Analytic integration.

Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics isn’t only for traffic analysis. A deep understanding of your audience’s demographic, interest and behavior you can give a boost to your PPC success. Google Analytic allows you to connect your Google Ads account and import traffic data to get more insights in analytics.

Few other recommended tools that can help you in creating ad copies, designing landing pages and graphic designs for display advertisement.

Unbounce: Best tool when it comes to design an impressive landing page. 100s of desing layout and design templates.

Adalysis: A pack of powerful PPC tools that can save your time. Analysis can automatically optimize and analyze your PPC campaigns.

LeadPages: Another landing page builder with lots of design templates to choose from. Cheaper than Unbounce as yearly packages start at $25.

Answer the Public: You can use this to get more keywords ideas by just entering a single phrase.

PPC Protect: Tool to stop fraud click and protects your campaigns budget. Monitor traffic and allow IP blocking system.

Share as Image: A free and paid tool mostly use by the content marketers. You can use this tool to create amazing graphics for display advertising.

Canva: Another tool to create eye opening display ads. Drag-and-drop option to add/modify the images.

Pinterest: Get more ideas about your landing page design, display ad and other inspirations on pinterest.

Gifntext: Create amazing GIFs with this tool and use them in your display advertising or content marketing

Google Ads App: Now you can adjust your campaign, keyword bid and monitor ad performance anywhere from your Android or Ios mobile with help of Google Ad App.

So, try these all free and paid 21 best PPC tools and increase your ad presence. Do you have any other tool you want to share with us. Please let us know in below comments.

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