List of 5 Most Likely Teams to Win the FIFA World Cup 2018

List of 5 Most Likely Teams to Win the FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has already been started in Russia and 32 teams have joined the hand to win the title of FIFA world cup 2018. It was 2014 when Germany defeated Argentina and become the winner of the 2014 world cup. Here is our list of 5 most likely teams to win the FIFA world cup 2018.

1. France

France Football Team
Image source: ThePapare

This time France has the most talented and attacking squad at the World Cup. France has learned lessons from the 2014 tournament. With a back-line of Hugo Lloris in goal, Samuel Umtiti, Benjamin Mendy and defenders Raphael Varane, now they have a starting 11 that will give a tough game to other top teams.

France has lost only 3 games out of 26 matches they played in last 2 years. These stats can show that how they’re the most eligible team to win the title.

2. Argentina

Argentina Football Team 2018
Image Source: CBS Sports

Last world cup was not good enough for Argentina. Their hopes to win the title are overly dependent on Lionel Messi. If Sampaoli can get the defense managed, Argentina will become the strongest teams among their competitors. Along with Dybala, Higuain, and Messi, they have some great attacking players in their squad. Messi has to give his best performance to win every single match.

Anyway, Argentina football team is full of star players. They just need to coordinate with each other. So what you guys you think, Can Messi again lead his team to the final? At last, remember they have Lionel Messi….

3. Germany

Germany Football Team 2018
Image Source: Sports of the Day

The defending champion Germany is most likely to win the tournament this time too. They are possibly going to rule football for a generation. Germany also becomes the most favored team to win the title of FIFA World Cup 2018. Also, German fans are the second largest ticket buyers after Russia. This shows the support of their fan.

Germany and France are the two strongest favorites going into taking palace in the list of 5 most likely teams to win the FIFA world cup 2018.

4. Portugal

Portugal Football Team 2018
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Portugal team still has Ronaldo in their squad. So they will try to use this opportunity to win the title. If you’ll check the previous records, Germany is the biggest competitor of Portugal. Germany defeated Portugal so many times in world cup, Euro champion, and other series. Portugal has fewer chances to win the title as they are just good in European cups.

In FIFA world cup they have to face the teams like Argentina and Brazil. Still, this team can take place in top 5 possibly teams to Win the world cup. After all Ronaldo in the squad, we do hope for the best but it is very unlikely they will win the title.

5. Brazil

Brazil Football Team
Image Source: Steemit

All depends on the Neymar. Brazil has to prepare their self for bigger challenges like Argentina and Spain. Their biggest competitors are Germany and France. Brazil can be eliminated by the likes of a France, Germany, and Portugal in the quarter or semi-finals.

At last Yes, Brazil could win it, but we don’t think they will. They can be 3rd or 4th in the place in FIFA world cup 2018.

So these teams are our favorite according to their past performance in all major football cups including FIFA, European cups and all. What do you guys think? Who will be in the list of top 5 teams in FIFA world cup 2018? Share your opinions with us.

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