List of Top 20 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

List of Top 20 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

I believe there thousand of the beauty products from hundred of brands available in the market. Choosing the best one for you is quite difficult.

In this article, we are going to take you through the most important makeup essentials for every woman. So, scroll through our list of top 20 beauty products every woman should own.


Moisturizers do much more than simply help hydrate your dry skin it also prevents flaking, dullness, and creates a soft and protective layer of moisture that lasts all of the day. Adding the face cream on it helps anti-aging as well.

Face Wash

Water and soap alone can’t remove the dirt, oil and urban pollutants. A face wash cleanser of recognized brand is more moisturizing and hydrating. Regular use of face wash cleanser can improve the skin’s pH level, leaving it soft, supple and beautiful looking.


One of the most common makeup essentials on that many rely upon is the foundation. It is also a safeguard for your skin from harmful UV rays. We recommend you to take advice from the beautician before applying the foundation on your skin.


Blush or blusher, is a makeup cosmetic typically used to redden your cheeks and give your cheeks a gorgeous glow. There are mainly two types of makeup blush one is cream blush and another is powder blush. Both can be used on bare skin and over your foundation.


It’s always recommended by experts to remove your makeup before you wash your face. If your skin is dry, use a cream cleanser or if skin, for oily skin you can a mild foaming cleanser.

Eye Primer and Eyeshadow base

Eye primer or base is used to last your eyeshadow for a while. Eye primers make your eyeshadow last longer by combating oil while bases create a sticky surface for your eyeshadow products.


Applying the eyeliner is one of the basics of makeup. When it comes to the options, there are practically endless from pencil eyeliners and liquids to cakes and gels. Liquid eyeliners are bit hard to apply.

Eye Cream

If you have dry skin around the eyes, you really need a good care. Your eyes tells the signs of ageing. Using an eye cream should be a focus for those who have dark circles and dry skin under the eyes. It also prevents the ageing.

Eyebrow pencil

Everyone is not born with a naturally perfect pair of eyebrow. An eyebrow pencil is all you need to fill the gap. We know that many of the women might already be using this awesome small thing.

Waterproof Mascara

Let us clear one thing first, if your eyelashes are fine naturally, it’s better to avoid the waterproof mascara. Mascara is one of those makeup essentials that can just change your face. Like the party wears clothes, it’s not for everyday use.


Whether it is an everyday routine work or a big party or event, Lipstick is surely a go-to makeup. Wearing lipstick is not just a fashion thing; Research over time has shown many benefits as well.

Tinted Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is suitable for all genders, ages, and skin types. However, a tinted lip glow not just gives you a little color, but it also hydrates your lips throughout the day.

Lip liner

As primer is to foundation and base coat is to nail polish, in same way lip liner is to lipstick. In short, lip liners are made to up your lipstick game.


Shampooing your hair is not enough; you need a bit extra care by hair conditioner. Conditioner make your hair easier to style and extra shining. Before this you need to figure out what conditioner to use as it depends on your hair type.


Well, this is quite obvious that people wear perfume to smell nice. But there are also other reasons to use perfume. It enhances your mood, makes you attractive, and boosts confidence and health as well.

Hand cream

Everyone wants softer hands. The oil in hand cream moisture skin and create a protective layer to prevent further skin damage. It’s not only a women thing. It should be a daily essential for everyone.

Combs and other styling tools

It’s a girl’s thing! Every girl or women should have comb and other hair styling or makeup tools in their carry bag. Also, keep in mind to give your hair tools and accessories a good clean time to time.


Having oily skin is a major challenge for most of the girls. Basically deodorant is applied to the body to prevent body odor. We read about lots of beauty bloggers use natural deodorant as a primer.


Concealer is very useful to deal with acne, dark spots, scars, and birthmarks. The main purpose of the concealer is to hide the shadows that occur under your eyes.

Makeup Removing Wipes

Wipes can be an excellent initial step in removing makeup. We recommend you to keep makeup removing wipes in your purse or in the bathroom containers to easily remove the makeup.

So here is the list of top 20 beauty products every woman should own. We hope you enjoyed the articles. We’ll soon come up with another list beauty things for you.

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