Submission Guidelines

The List Absolute Blog is always looking for new and creative contributors to bring the fresh lists of anything from the world in front of our loving readers. List Absolute caters to a large audience of general niches including health, technology, marketing, business, entertainment, sport, and so on.

Do you have any list to share with us? Or do you also want to contribute an article to one of the biggest blogging communities? Well, you are at the right place if you adhere to our below posting guidelines.

Note: Kindly read the whole submission guidelines very carefully to get approval of your content.

1) Who Can Write for US

Generally we welcome all individuals (a blogger or a genuine reader) who can follow our contributor guidelines.

2) Type of Content We Publish

  • First checkout our website homepage to understand what kind of content we publish. We love to post the kind of articles which users engage the most.
  • We are happy to post content of Informational intent. In short we like how-to and “List of” articles (top 10 and top 20 lists).

3) Post and Submission Guidelines

Article Quality: We accept only 100% unique and fresh ideas. List Absolute manually checks each articles for plagiarism.

Post length: We accept post in between of 600 to 1000 words limit.

Keyword Density/Stuffing: Our team is well expertise of the search engine optimization and its guidelines. So please make sure not to spam your article by including the keywords in inappropriate way.

Internal and External Links: We accept only relevant 1-2 links to external sources or blog posts. You can also add 1 internal link to our previous relevant post.

Image and Videos: We accept posts only with the feature image. Please note that we don’t publish any post without featured image. You can also embed relevant YouTube video in the post. Don’t forget to add Alt text and give credit for image source.

Post Formatting: Please go through our previous post and keep the format in mind. We really appreciate your hard work.

4) Terms & Conditions:

List Absolute respect to everyone’s work. In any circumstance if we find out that your content is copied from elsewhere online, we reserve the rights of immediate removal of all your blog posts and contributor profile from our blog.

Thank for reading our guidelines very carefully. Now, feel free to submit your list.

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