8 Most Excellent 30th Birthday Ideas for Special One

30th Birthday Ideas

Who doesn’t like celebrating his or her birthday? We all love it when our loved ones remember our birthdays since we are going to receive wonderful gifts from them. If you want to make someone feel special during his or her birthday, the best meaningful gifts in the world are flowers.

However, you should not just go for any flower arrangement or bouquet. The floral gift needs to express what you feel about them. That is the power flowers have over all other birthday gifts. You can express romantic love, gratitude, appreciation, care, unconditional love, friendship, and many other emotions.

We have several unique bouquets that will help you express yourself vividly to the recipient. These flowers comprise different kinds of flowers that will make awesome 30th birthday ideas for your loved one. Let’s check them out!

1. Red carnations

Red carnations


The reason why carnations are the most bought flowers is due to their different colorful hues. You can get carnations in almost any color shade. If you want to express romantic feelings to the celebrant on his or her 30th birthday, then red carnations will be perfect for that occasion.

Besides bouquets, carnations also make wonderful birthday flower arrangements for decorating the birthday party venue. Both males and females will appreciate a gift of red carnations.

2. Red roses

Red roses

Celebrating the 30th birthday is a huge thing, and one needs gifts that match that kind of milestone. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your spouse with birthday flowers, then what you need is a bouquet of red roses. There is no other flower that conveys romance better than red roses. That is why the rose remains the king of all flowers as a bouquet or flower arrangement.

3. Small white roses and red bouquet


Small white roses and red bouquet

One of the most outstanding birthday flower arrangements is a bouquet of red and white roses. You can’t go wrong with this arrangement, especially if you want to surprise someone celebrating his or her 30th birthday. This mixture brings out that excitement in a romantic relationship. White roses convey peace and tranquility in what you have together.

4. Pink rose

Pink rose


This is a perfect bouquet when you want to express your love and care to a special person in your life. If you are a woman, you can send pink roses to your fellow woman who is having a birthday.

Pink symbolizes tender love, and you can give them to your mother, daughter, sister, or aunt on her 30th birthday. This bouquet may consist of purely pink roses or a mixture of roses and pink lilies.

5. White daisies and pink lilies


White daisies and pink lilies 

This is also an awesome bunch to send to someone celebrating her 30th birthday. If you are a dad, brother, or uncle, white daisies and pink lilies speak words of care and unconditional love to a female recipient whom you are not romantically involved with. You can choose to complement this bouquet with bright balloons or a box of gourmet chocolate to make it special.

6. Tulips



Tulips also make wonderful birthday gift flowers. What most people love about these flowers are their different hues, which makes them perfect for all kinds of occasions.

CosmeaGardens has an assortment of tulips, flower arrangements and bouquets for those who want to send them to their loved ones. If you want to express your undying love to your spouse on her 30th birthday, then red tulips would be perfect.

7. Pink lilies

Pink lilies

Women will love this flower option when coming from their spouses. With pink lilies in your hand on her 30th birthday, you don’t need a lot of romantic words to convince her that she is the queen of your heart. Interestingly, pink lilies also make wonderful 30th birthday ideas from a fellow man.

8. Alstroemeria



Alstroemeria is not common when celebrating the 30th birthday. However, it can be a wonderful choice if you want to decorate the table where the birthday party will be held. Alstroemerias make wonderful arrangement flowers. These flowers also blend with other flowers in a birthday bouquet.


When buying birthday floral gifts, it’s advisable to consider the age of the recipient to make them meaningful. Fortunately, we have all kinds of birthday flowers at CosmeaGardens, which can be delivered on the same day if you want.

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