5 Best Electric Shavers Below $100: Review and Guide

Electric Shavers Below $100

Electric shavers are known for simplifying the shaving process. For someone who tends to get nicks and cuts from a normal razor, the electric shaver can be a worthy investment. Besides the other benefits, this little personal care tool can also save you time and provide an easy way to style your beard.

Electric shavers can deliver salon-like beard styling and a smooth finish right at the comforts of your home. If you thought that buying an electric shaver is going to cost a fortune, think again! Some premium shavers do cost hundreds of dollars.

But trimming all the fancy elements out of the design, if the functionality is what you are looking for, you can easily find a myriad of choices for a lower price.

For those times when you are stuck with a tight budget or when you are picking your first-ever electric shaver and therefore unwilling to spend more than $100, here is a list of the 5 best choices to pick from.

List of Top 5 Best Electric Shavers Under $100

1. Impressive battery life- GAMMA+ Absolute Zero Cordless Foil Shaver & Retractable Trimmer

Design: Elegance is the word to describe this shaver. Designed keeping all types of users in mind this is one of the lightest electric shavers under $100 which packs a punch inside a slim profile. With this slim shaver in hand, no spot feels tough to cover.


  • Retractable trimmer for detailing
  • Gold Titanium irritation-free foils
  • Shaver head design that adapts with contours
  • Corded and cordless operation

Performance: One of the best aspects of the performance of this shaver is the comfort it offers. While shaving in a hurry with fast strokes this foil design manages to cut more hair in less time.

Even applying pressure in the rough patches doesn’t lead to any irritation. Therefore if you are someone with sensitive skin, this is one of the best shavers you can get below $100.

The dual-level arrangement of the blades leads to a better adjustment of the shaving experience based on the region you are working on. From the cheeks to the neck and sideburns this shaver effortlessly gets everywhere delivering clear and convenient shaving. Though it is a dry shaver, it is easy to clean and provides as smooth a feel as most wet shavers in the price point.

One handy feature worth mentioning is the design of the trimmer that lets you use the trimmer and shaver simultaneously. When you have long beard growth to handle you can use this feature allowing the trimmer to reduce the length and the shaver to clear your stubble.

With most shavers, you get either corded or cordless operation. With this, you get both and the tool works smoothly in both these modes. The battery life itself is great and it is also easy to find replacement blades and cutters for the shaver.


  • Chic Italian style design
  • Irritation free close shave performance
  • Hypoallergenic foil for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight easy-to-use design
  • Clears even short stubble easily


  • Not washable and therefore cleaning might be slightly difficult
  • No clear battery level indication

Offering convenience to confidence in handling this is a shaver for the beginners and the pros.

2. Budget-friendly pick- Philips Norelco Corded Electric Shaver 1100, S1150/81

Design: Belonging to Philips’ bestselling Norelco series of shavers this is a dry shaver with a corded operation. Curved design with head angled for maximum contact makes this shaver easy to move around.


  • Flex and Float contour following design
  • CloseCut blade design for clean shave requirements
  • 4-directions of head movement for rapid adjustments

Performance: It is one of the most affordable shavers which brings all the essential features that you might want on a dry shaver. Delivering a clean and clear shave every single time, this shaver is also pretty quiet in comparison with most other models in the segment.

With no battery under the hood, this shaver is pretty light. There is a nice textured grip to safely hold the shaver even when your hands feel sweaty.


  • Easy to rinse and clean the shaver
  • Self-sharpening blades for longer life of shaving head
  • Single touch-to open button for easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t score well in the durability department

For users looking for a basic shaver that comes with simple features for regular dry shave needs, this inexpensive shaver makes a great impression.

3. Versatility- Wahl Flex Shave Rechargeable Foil Shaver #7367-400

Design: This is one sturdy looking shaver that comes along with 3 different shaving heads in one pack. Ultra-clean, sensitive, and comfort close are the 3 heads that cater to all your shaving needs.


  • The ergonomic form factor for easy handling
  • Pop-up trimmer for sideburns and mustache
  • Wide blade design for saving time

Performance: Wahl Flex shaver offers the convenience of enjoying three different types of shaving in one device. Handling stubbles is one thing this shaver is very good at. You can confidently get as close to your skin as you like without the worry about the foils tugging your hair.

As long as your shaver’s battery level is full, you would be able to experience the powerful shaving performance it delivers. It is a long-lasting choice for men who need a handy shaver for regular use.


  • Sensitive head works smoothly even on very delicate skin
  • Design permits easy changing of the shaving heads
  • Foil design feels comfortable for everyday use
  • Textured exteriors provide a nice grip


  • Struggles a bit while shaving long hair

If you are looking for a shaver that gives you the best value for money by giving you a fully personalized shaving experience then this Wahl shaver does a good job there.

Wet/Dry Shavers

4. Clear display- Panasonic ES-RT51-S Arc3 Wet/Dry 3-Blade Cordless Electric Razor

Design: Elegant looks combined with effortless functionality define this efficient shaver from Panasonic. The rubberized grip on the sides of the handle feels comfortable while using the shaver in the shower.


  • 30⁰ angle blades for an extra-close shave
  • Multidirectional pivoting head
  • 5-stage clear LCD
  • Pop-up trimmer at the back

Performance: With a powerful 3-blade design this is a multifunctional shaver that you can use dry or with a shaving cream of your choice. The powerful motor inside delivers 10,000 CPM and combined with the sharp blades, flex head design, and other features, you get a shaver that works well on all skin types and beard types.

Consistency in the performance here comes from the efficient motor. This ensures that irrespective of the battery level the performance remains the same. The shaver only takes an hour to fully charge and there is a handy quick charge feature that can be useful on a busy day.


  • The secure washable design makes cleaning easy
  • Durable stainless steel foils do not rust with use
  • The attractive price tag for a 3-blade close shave shaver


  • Battery wears out soon and is not very good at retaining the charge.

With nano-edge blades and a straightforward display for battery level, this is a shaver for those who need a simpler interface.

5. Precision blades-Philips Norelco AT830/41 Shaver 4500

Design: The curvy design and soft comfort grip are the first things you notice about this handy wet and dry shaver. The contour-conforming head design combined with the triple blade arrangement help get a close shave that is gentle on the skin.


  • Multi-precision blades
  • Battery status and charging indication
  • 4D flex head design
  • AquaTec securely sealed casing

Performance: From shaving irregular hair growth to quickly cleaning your stubble you can use this shaver for various purposes. The head pivots in different directions adjusting the blade position for smooth maneuvering on the chin and neck. The blades with their floating design accommodate the curves of your face without pulling the skin while also getting close for a smooth shave.

Another major factor that contributes to the effortless gliding of these shavers is the lift and cut action that aligns the hair straight before cutting at the base, thus preventing tugging of the hair that is common with many rotary shavers.


  • Intuitive design provides easy maintenance
  • Delivers close shave without irritating the skin
  • Precision blades prevent micro-cuts


  • Takes 8 hours to charge to deliver 50minutes run time

For beginners who need a decent wet shaver which comes with an accuracy of blade design for sensitive skin, this one is worth considering.

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