5 Tourist Destinations Near Manali

Manali is a well-known tourist destination at Himachal Pradesh.

It is high altitude town situates at the north end of Kullu Valley where Beas river divided it into two parts old Manali and new Manali.

It is also known as the part of the old Ladakh trade route. This beautiful town is named Sage Manu.

This place attracts all the visitors by its spellbound beauty.

The specialty of Manali is it is the town but surrounded by the lush green forests of Pine, Deodar and many more Himalayan plants & trees species apart from the greenery snow-clad mountain peaks are also visible from there as you reach the starting of the town pleasant sound of Beas river welcomes you.

Another speciality of Manali is it has a crowd of tourists rather than local people.

There are various tourist spots available in and around Manali like Hidimba Temple, Van Vihar, Sage Vashistha Ashram, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, etc.

Other than this there are various beautiful tourist destinations nearby Manali. Where you can also enjoy your holidays.

These places are Kullu, Kasol, Manikaran, Barshaini, Kheerganga.

1. Kullu

Dunkhri Village Kullu
Image source: TravellingPhone

Kullu is known as the “Land of Gods” due to believing that deities are like to stay in Kullu valley due to its sacredness.

This place settled at the banks of river Beas. It attracts all kinds of travelers of different age groups.

It is also the gateway for the popular destination Manali. Kullu is also important in terms of transportation. To each at the Kullu Manali region by air, there is a well-known airport is situated in Bhuntar, Kullu dist.

This is the only airport to access this area which is well connected with major cities. This place is also known for the world Dusshera Festival during October- November.

The activities you can do here is white water rafting, Camping other than these places to visit are Raghunath Temple, Vishveshvara Mahadev Temple and many more.

2. Kasol


Kasol is the place which is situated in Parvati valley and also known as “Mini Israel” in India due to Israeli tourists.

This tourist destination is most famous among youngsters for Camping, Trekking and Music Festivals.

Kasol is the place you will find Israeli tourists more than Indian tourists so due to this people started to say “Mini Israel” or “ Mini Israel of Himalayas”.

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Activities at Kasol you can do are Bird Watching, Camping, River Crossing, Trekking, Music Festival and many more. At this place, you can also enjoy Israeli food at various Israeli Cafe and restaurants.

3. Manikaran


Manikaran is the place where two kinds of religion meet at a single point these are Hinduism and Sikhism.

This place is considered sacred by the followers of both religions. This place is surrounded by high mountain peaks and lush green forest with Himalayan flora & fauna.

When you visit this place you feel peace inside like in your mind as well as in your soul. It is a peaceful place containing the beauty with purity and blessings of God.

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It is full of religious places like Shri Gurunank Dev Gurudwara, Shri Ramchandra Temple, Lord Shiva Temple.

There are natural hot water pools also after dipping in them you can feel the serenity.

4. Barshaini


Although Barshaini is the small hamlet but more than beautiful in comparison to other places.

This place is the meeting point of Parvati and Tosh River and the trek route to kheerganga goes from Here.

This place is also surrounded by mountain peaks and forests which makes it beautiful.

There are various cafes at Barshaini from there you can enjoy the views with delicious snacks and food. The other facilities available are medical shops, taxi stand, guesthouses, etc.

5. Kheerganga

Image source: Terks and Trails India

Kheerganga – the most beautiful trekking destination in Parvati Valley. It is the most beautiful trekking destination in Parvati Valley.

As you go deeper inside the trek the beauty of Parvati Valley revealed. Each step and view on this trek is worth.

During the trek to Kheerganga, you will feel the fragrance of Himalayan flora. The whole trek is full of natural wonders.

As you will pass through the local villages you will get another kind of experience by seeing their culture.

After reaching the top of this trek dip in Parvati Kund (natural hot water pool) will give relief from the stress and fatigue from the trek.

Camping at the trek will be a mindblowing experience which provides you with experience which you have never before.

So if you are a beginner it will be the best experience to do trekking on the Kheerganga route.

This all about the tourist destination near Manali. All the places are naturally blessed. So keep travel and stay blessed.

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  1. After reaching the top of this trek dip in Parvati Kund (natural hot water pool) will give relief from the stress and fatigue from the trek. wow!!

  2. Ladakh, often known as the “town of Qualcomm,” is one of India’s most distinctive and delightful areas. For adventurers from all over the world, this vast and sparsely inhabited region is a dream come true.

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