7 Tips to Make your Dubai Tour Plan from Azerbaijan Like a Pro


Are you planning a trip to Dubai from Azerbaijan? Well, we can feel your excitement to the fullest. So, we are going to share some fabulous tips that will help you plan your trip like an expert. Are you ready to know more? Let us get started right away.

Hire A Reliable Travel Agency

To get a Dubai Visa from Azerbaijan, you must hire a good tour operator in Dubai. Now, you will find many travel agencies, but not all of them are good so you have to be very cautious about who you hire. Take your time and look at some reputed names on the internet, and read reviews on them before you hire their services.

Also, read the customer reviews as they will help you understand the kind of services that you can expect from them. When preparing for Dubai visa from Azerbaijan then make sure to provide correct and all supported documents which asked by the travel agency. This will make your visa process smooth and fast.

To make sure that your visa application goes through successfully, you must have the required documents in place. You will have to pay a fee to get your visa processed and then you will have to pay your visa fees.

When Should You Visit

Dubai can be very hot during the summers and you may not enjoy the outdoor activities so much. The best time would be winter as the city is brimming with tourists and the vibe is very festive.

However, you must keep in mind hotel prices tend to be very expensive so if you wish to get good discounts you must make bookings in advance.

What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase

What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase

The dress code is very strict in Dubai, you can carry smart party wear, but women should not wear short or tight-fitting dresses in public places.

It is always prudent to pack your suitcase with loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. The sun during the winter can also be strong on certain days so we would advise you to carry sunglasses and sunscreen.

Shopping Tips

If you are visiting Dubai for shopping then you should go during the Dubai Shopping Festival. During this festival, all the shops offer items at heavy discounts so you can avail very heavy discounts on premium items.

If you are interested in purchasing novelty items and souvenirs then you should visit Karama, you will not be disappointed with the variety that they have to offer.

Create A Budget


It is no secret that Dubai is a very expensive city and the last thing you want is to overspend. So, prepare a cost sheet and include all your expenses such as hotel fares and airfares.

After that, you must include expenses of things that you may spend on. This will give you a clear picture of how much you can spend on your holiday trip in Dubai.

Prepare A Schedule

There are many places to see and many adventurous activities to indulge in in Dubai. To make sure that you do not miss out on any experience prepare a daily timetable of all the places you want to visit and how much time you wish to spend there.

Respecting The Local Culture

If you are a female traveler then you must remember that you can shake hands with a man only if he initiates the handshake first. Never wear swimwear anywhere else other than beaches and swimming pools. Never pay shopkeepers with your left hand as it is considered rude. You have to take off your footwear before you enter any religious place.

Never take pictures of any person without his or her permission. Also, not paying your bills in UAE will put you in jail. You should not display any rude behavior in public places as it may be considered offensive.

These tips shared here will be like the seven commandments that you should stick to no matter what, it is only then that you will be able to plan your trip to Dubai from Azerbaijan.

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