10 of the Best Anniversary Gifts

best anniversary gifts

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one on your anniversary this is the post for you. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best anniversary gifts you can get for your partner.

When purchasing an anniversary gift you should also take into consideration the number of years you have been married as each year will have a different theme.

The different themes are as follows:

  • Year 1 – Paper
  • Year 2 – Cotton
  • Year 3 – Leather
  • Year 4 – Silk
  • Year 5 – Wood
  • Year 6 – Iron
  • Year 7 – Copper
  • Year 8 – Bronze
  • Year 9 – Pottery
  • Year 10 – Tin

With those in mind here are the top 10 list of anniversary gifts that you can purchase for your significant other.

1. Photo frames

Looking for a gift for your first year anniversary, a photo and photo frame is a good choice. You could print out some nice photos of your wedding or images from your relationship and get it framed.

2. Personalised Pillows

For a cotton anniversary, you could consider getting a personalised pillow with your names and date of marriage. Personalised long distance pillow are a great gift they are affordable, personal and can be kept for a lifetime.

3. Champagne

Champagne is usually kept for a special occasion so why not indulge yourself and get a nice bottle to celebrate your anniversary. You could purchase a nice bottle of Dom Perigon or Moet depending on your budget. What we do know is no one ever turned down a bottle of bubbly.

4. Champagne box

Why not accompany that bottle of champagne with a personalised champagne box. Champagne boxes can be engraved with your names, date of marriage and any other personalised message so they make a great gift.

5. A copy of their wedding tape

If you got married many years ago and haven’t watched your wedding tape in a while why not convert your wedding video to a DVD or digital file and give that to your loved one as a gift.

A digital file or DVD is much more convenient to watch than a VHS and it also allows you to keep your special moments safe. You can buy kits on Amazon to make copies of your old movies or you can use an online service such as Digital Converters.

6. Personalised cooking aprons

If you’re into cooking why not get some personalised cooking aprons. A fun gift that’s affordable. A Mr and Mrs cooking apron is a great gift for those couples who love to spend time in the kitchen together.

You could even tie the cooking aprons into a year 3 gift as you can get some beautiful personalised leather cooking aprons online on websites such as Etsy.

7. Personalised glasses

Wine glasses, champagne glasses or whiskey glasses, it doesn’t really matter what you drink because a personalised glass is a beautiful gift for someone that loves an old tipple here and there. You can get personalised drinking glasses from many websites online so finding this gift shouldn’t be difficult.

8. Travelling gifts

When people think of gifts for wedding anniversaries they think of the traditional items we have listed above but these days couples are far more likely to travel the world than they used to be so why not give the gift of travel.

Is there a place you would like to visit, or somewhere your partner has added to their bucket list? If so why not treat yourselves to the gift of travel.

9. Cheeseboard

Ok, this may not be the most exciting gift on the list but to cheese lovers, a cheese board and assorted cheese set can be up there. You can even make the gift a little more special by adding personalisation to it.

If you do go for the cheeseboard just make sure this isn’t the only gift you get as we don’t want you to argue on your anniversary.

10. Jewellery and flowers

Jewellery and flowers are always a good choice when it comes to an anniversary gift. So if you can’t think of anything else get flowers, jewellery, chocolate or a combination of them depending on your budget.


We hope you are no longer stuck when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your loved one on your anniversary. Just remember to not put much pressure on yourself and that you are celebrating the fact that you love each other and have spent another year together.

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