Best Car Covers for Luxury Cars This Summer

best car covers

Luxury cars deserve protection and coverage in summer and throughout the year. From a breathable cotton car cover to a waterproof shell with a fleece lining, there’s a wealth of high-quality products on today’s market. But, of course, the best car covers depend on where you live and store your car.

So here’s a brief look at how to choose cover materials and at some of the specific options available to you.

How To Choose Materials for Luxury Car Covers

Whether you’re seeking an Audi or BMW car cover, it’s helpful to specify your needs. For example, do you need a cover for short- or long-term indoor or outdoor storage or for everyday protection against damaging UV rays or intense rainstorms? Your answer will inform your material choices, down to the fleece lining that protects your luxury car’s beautiful paintwork.

While material choice is the key to protecting your luxury car, you’ll be glad to know that covers come in many finishes and colors.

If it’s important to you to match your car’s cover to its paintwork, rest assured that you can find products in neutral, metallic and bright colors as well in textured weaves and brushed finishes.

UV Resistant Car Covers

Do you live in a perpetually sunny or exposed environment? If so, a UV-resistant car cover may be just the accessory you need to protect not only your car’s paintwork but also its dashboard and interior. A Sunbrella Intense Sun Outdoor Custom Car Cover, for example, is made of one of the best fabrics to withstand intensely bright environments.

The heavyweight, rugged material provides long-lasting protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Even better, the cover is fade-resistant, keeping its grey, tan, or blue color vibrant for years to come.

Scratch Resistant Car Covers

When you’re looking for a scratch-resistant cover that protects your car’s paintwork, trim, and extremities, go for a product like the Supremeweave All Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover with Fleece Lining. The dust-proof cover’s durable, scratch-proof woven fabric has a soft fleece underlining that prevents even the smallest particulates from causing trouble.

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It’s also lightweight, easy-to-use, and machine-washable. Plus, it’s easy to store, folding to a third the size of traditional outdoor car covers.

Water Resistant Car Covers

The summer season isn’t only hot and bright. In many locations, it’s also wet when afternoon thunderstorms or sun showers blow past or neighborhood water sprinklers come on.

A water resistant car cover like the Ultraweave All Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover can give your Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, or Porsche premium protection against water with Hydromax. The water-repellent, breathable finish protects both sides of the cover’s super-durable, minimal-stretch woven fabric, which easily keeps its shape and fit.

Now that you have an idea of the car covers available to you, are you ready to select the perfect product for your pride and joy? Browse car cover manufacturers’ and retailers’ websites today.

Search by your luxury car’s year, make, model, and trim to find the best car cover options out there for you and your vehicle.

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