9 Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend Male

Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas

The easiest way to impress anyone is to present them with a handmade gift. No matter how small it is and no matter how simple the concept is. For a male best friend, there are plenty of handmade gift ideas that you can choose from.

The mere fact that you spent time in figuring out what your friend would like and then spent some more time making that gift for him would bring a smile on his face. So, is your best friend’s birthday coming any time soon? Then here are we discuss a few ideas that you could try.

The best part is that some of these handmade birthday gift ideas for your male best friend do not even require any crafting skills.

1. Wooden log pencil holder:

Keeping it rustic is the key to creating the perfect gift for a male best friend. If you need something that is both easy and fun to make then a wooden log pencil holder is just what you need. All you need is a cylindrical piece of wood of circumference large enough to accommodate a few pencils.

Even if you have leftover log pieces you can use it for the next DIY idea on this list. Use a file to smooth the edges. You can leave the bark if you like or remove it and file the sides for a cleaner look. Sand one of the surfaces flat so that the pencil holder stays on the table without wobbling.

Use a boring bit to create a cavity at the center. The other way to do it is to use drill bits and drill individual holes for each pencil. Use wood polish if you are looking for a glossy finish or wood stain to give it a beautiful makeover.

2. Build A Gift Basket

Sometimes handmade birthday gift ideas seem overwhelming. In this situation, build a gift basket on Amazon is a great idea because you can customize it according to your friend’s choice. Amazon gives plenty of options to add and remove the items in your Gift basket.

3. Wooden log coasters

Log coaster blanks are easily available in the market. There are endless ways to decorate a wooden log coaster. Using chalk paint is one way to decorate it. You can also use a simple wood stain to preserve the natural look of the log. These coasters make wonderful DIY gifts that take hardly a few minutes to prepare.

4. Leather keychain

Leather keychains are easy to prepare if you already own leather fabric. If you like to try some DIY without too many supplies at hand, there are also leather keychain kits readily available in the market.

Use an engraving tool to create a monogrammed keychain. Use a long strip of leather and a couple of rivets and you can simply create a leather loop keychain.

5. Engraved cutting board

Cutting board blanks are easy to come by. Engraving pens are the other useful tools that any crafter would love to own. There are some cheap engraving pens in the market that are convenient to use. These work on multiple surfaces wood being one of the most common choices.

If your friend loves to cook, an engraved cutting board can be a great addition to his kitchen. It can also make a wonderful kitchen décor piece.

6. A scented beard oil

Creating skincare and beard care supplies is very easy today. For that friend who is crazy about his beard and loves to style it, you can prepare a pampering beard oil at home. There are tonnes of beard oil recipes to check out. All it takes is a blend of carrier oil and a few drops of essential oils.

Keep your friend’s skin type in mind while choosing a carrier oil and you are left with a beard nourishing oil that your friend would thank you for.

7. Engraved bracelet

Another great thing you can do with an engraving tool is engraved jewelry. Pick a bracelet blank and use the engraving pen to engrave your friend’s name or initials and you have an elegant looking bracelet as a birthday gift. An engraved bracelet is affordable, easy to make, and in the end, it looks expensive.

8. Bath bombs

No man can refuse a good soak after a long and tiresome week. There are many bath salts and bath bombs available in the market to use on those days when the man would love a good pampering routine. Preparing a bath bomb yourself is easy.

Bath bombs are made as a combination of baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, and a couple of other ingredients. To top it all there are masculine essential oils you can choose so as to add a personal touch. Most of these are readily available ingredients and preparing the bath bomb itself takes very little time.

Put together a pleasant and pampering bath bomb recipe finding your inspiration from the internet and you are sure to impress your friend.

9. Mug cozy

Does your friend always burn his fingers holding a hot mug of coffee on a busy morning? A mug cozy is just what he needs. Mug cozies are functional accessories that can be created in so many ways. One of the quickest ways to make a mug cozy is from the cuff of an old shirt.

Cut out the cuff with the buttons intact and you are left with an adjustable mug cozy. You can also knit a cozy yourself or make on the easy way with fleece fabric. You can choose your base material depending on the time you have at hand.

There are many such DIY gifts you can make for your best friend. If you look at the ideas above, most of them are fun to make and you only need a handful of supplies, most of which are easily available. These handcrafted gifts are not going to cost you much but they are sure to impress your friend on his birthday.

With these ideas, you can easily make your friend’s birthday a little extra special. Handmade gifts like these are sure to make the day more memorable as well. Which among these handmade birthday gift ideas for best friend male are your favorites?

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