7 Back Blouse Designs Ideas for Upcoming Wedding Season

Princess-Cut Back Design

We all know that there are various components and aspects when it comes to looking fabulous yet comfortable in a saree. Sometimes, the saree itself is loud and bold in a vibrant hue or with intricate designs.

Or, you have a relatively simple ensemble but you add a pop of colour or make a statement with your accessories. It can also depend on the way you are draping the saree.

Regardless of what you’re going for, the saree blouse is almost always the most important part of the whole outfit. The modern Indian woman is known to go for the most stunning blouse in terms of design, style or just comfort!

It is smart to invest in good fabrics, as well as a tailor that is going to stitch the blouse that fits perfectly. We leave that to you. You need amazing ideas for blouse designs for lehengas & sarees, so here’s a curated list of back blouse designs that are sure to catch everybody’s attention, and appreciate you for your impeccable taste and style:

1. The Sheer

The Sheer
Image Via: Ohaila Khan

This design is one of the hottest trends of recent times. It is incredibly sensual without going overboard. The blouse has a sheer fabric such as tulle or transparent georgette sans the lining fabric.

This fabric can extend from shoulders to the entire back or can be till the middle. If you’re going for a completely sheer back, opt for a padded blouse.

Choose this style to turn up the heat at the next cocktail party. We don’t recommend this style with silk sarees or heavy woven ones like Banarasis.

2. Keyhole design

Keyhole design
Image Via:  the_makeoverz

This back blouse design never goes out of fashion due to its simplicity. One can wear the keyhole blouse with handloom silk or cotton silk saree.

Or, pair it with a sophisticated linen saree for the office. It’s also a cute design to pair with lehengas for little girls. You can always experiment with the length and placement of the keyhole, keeping in mind the saree you’re going to wear for the particular event.

3. Princess-Cut Back Design

Princess-Cut Back Design
Image Via: Dhara Shah

Princess-cut blouses are very much in style and are rapidly replacing the conventional dart-style on the front of the. In this regal back design, the arms and the back of the blouse are meant to pop with piping or intricate embroidery and are tailored with structure.

Back closure, strings, and other elements can be added. This style goes really well with lehenga cholis.

4. Buttoned back design

Buttoned back design
Image Via: Monisha Thahryamal

Supremely popular, extremely convenient, and versatile, this blouse design is a blast from the past that’s suddenly one of the hottest trends right now. This blouse is inspired by crop tops and looks great on most women. What’s more? It can be worn for various occasions such as the engagement, mehendi, or even for the office! This blouse pairs well with most sarees and is as good as your imagination.

5. Knotted back style

Knotted back style
Image Via: Aprajita Toor

This is a style where the fabric used to keep the blouse in place at the back is substituted by either a ‘real’ knot or a bow/knot design.

This design looks very feminine and alluring but must be adorned with care. If you’re opting for this style, padded blouses are a must.

6. Sunset style

Sunset style
Image Via: Roma Ganesh Photography

A sunset style blouse would be a very unique cut and pairs brilliantly well with Kanjeevaram silk sarees. The back of the blouse can be embroidered or embellished to suit your accessories.

7. Frilled back

Frilled back
Image Via: Pinterest

Add some drama to the back of the blouse with a delicately pleated frill design in a printed fabric or a vibrantly contrasting fabric for a refreshing look that’s simple yet unique.

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