Why Legal Recruiters in Denver Can Boost Your Law Firm’s Business

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Did you know that in the midst of the pandemic, one industry thrived and is even expanding right at this moment?

No, it’s not healthcare, although the medical field did (and is continuing to) play such a massive role in the way we globally coped with the COVID-19 virus.

Interestingly, the legal industry found lucrative opportunities in the new normal era. Denver, for example, is now considered one of the most viable locations to open up a practice.

But it’s not in this area—the most prominent law firms are now breaking records for the most number of hired partners during the pandemic’s peak.

And it isn’t stopping there. For whatever reason, many individuals, organizations, and businesses require legal services to the point that it’s a competition out there. As a result, a fierce battle between law firms to find and recruit top talents that will further drive success ensues.

If you’re a law firm based in Denver looking to hire A-players, read on. We’ll discuss the ways you can employ high-quality candidates, including why you should tap the expertise of legal recruiters.

Top 3 Ways to Hire Top Talents

There are a lot of ways to fill in vacancies, but these three are the most commonly used strategies:

Posting Open Positions on Job Boards

May it be traditional or digital, recruiters use job boards and platforms to announce job vacancies. In a way, it is efficient—you can spread the word far and wide with ease.

However, since the position is specialized and will require top talents, a detailed and thoroughly-researched job posting is a prerequisite. That way, the candidate is well-informed, and the recruiter has a solid grasp of the position and if the prospect matches it well.

Through Referrals or Trusted Recommendations

For a specialized position, seeking the referrals of trusted networks is also an excellent way to hire top candidates. The legal industry is a network built on credibility and reputation—getting recommendations is a speedier way to headhunt promising candidates.

Tapping Legal Recruiters

Hiring is such an extensive process that requires a lot of time and resources. For law firms looking to ease out of this workload, tapping the expertise of legal recruiters is one way to do so.

There may even be benefits along the way, such as:

Fast access to a qualified network of prospects

Unlike in-house recruiters who are primarily active when there is an opening, legal recruiters look for candidates all-year-round. Therefore, they usually have an existing network of lawyers and legal staff they can recommend to you when you approach them.

The legal recruiters also conduct their own screenings and interviews. So, aside from fast access to their database, you are also assured that whoever gets recommended to you is capable and high-quality.

Fast Hiring Process

Legal recruiting agencies will handle the nitty-gritty, and they promise to place new candidates faster than in-house hiring.

Savings and Profit

With a fast turnaround on the recruitment process, you save time and quickly onboard new A-players. With new blood on the team, you can take on new accounts and work on the existing ones faster, more efficiently. This added clientele allows your law firm to maximize and boost your profitability.

To Wrap It Up

With the assistance of legal recruiting agencies, law firms struggling to fill in open positions can fast-track hiring and strike while the demand for legal services is high.

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