Working and Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser

Bottleless water dispenser

A water cooler is an essential home appliance that provides clean and fresh drinking water. There are mainly two types of water dispensers available, one that comes with a plastic jug and one that doesn’t. 

You may have seen water dispensers with a water jug situated upside down on top of the unit, and those aren’t bottleless water dispensers. Bottleless water dispensers don’t have that plastic water jug on top.

When you install bottleless water dispensers, they offer many benefits. First is there will be no need for installation and delivery of water bottles. You will have clean hot or cold water all the time. It reduces inconvenience and provides a better solution for freshwater needs.

Now, if you are wondering how bottleless water dispensers work, then in the next section, we have covered that as well, which is followed by what benefits it has to offer.

Working of A Bottleless Water Dispenser

A water dispenser provides clean and fresh water. So it should be obvious that to clean the water, there will be a filtering mechanism. It can either have an RO filter or a Carbon filter.

In a carbon filter, the water will pass through charcoal layers. The charcoal will have pores of the micron size range, it will let the water pass through it, but impurities that are bigger than the pore size will stay behind. 

It will remove most of the impurities and chemicals from the water. This filter will generally have more than one filtration stage.

On the other hand, some units will have RO filters. RO filters use a semipermeable membrane to clean the water. Water will pass through one side of the membrane with the pressure to the other side, leaving the impurities behind. 

The problem with RO filters is their waste of water. There will be significant wastage of water compared to what is filtered. Approximately 4 gallons of water will go to waste to receive 1-gallon of filtered water.

Bottleless water dispensers will provide a continuous flow of processed water as they won’t need water bottles; they directly get connected to your water pipes. No bottle means no bottle replacement, which is quite convenient.

Brio Commercial Grade Bottleless Water Dispenser

Moreover, to keep the flow of hot or cold water consistent, it will have a reservoir for cold and hot water. There will be one tank to store the cold water and another to store the hot water. To prevent accidents, it comes with a child lock on the hot water dispenser.

 Benefits of Using a Bottleless Water Dispenser

There are many benefits of having a bottleless water dispenser which we will discuss now.

1. Continuous Flow of Water

As a bottleless water dispenser directly gets connected to the water line, there will be no shortage of fresh and pure drinking water. In a bottled dispenser, you will have to change the bottles when one gets depleted. 

Moreover, if you have a limited supply, then all bottles might get depleted earlier than anticipated if you have any event planned.

Also, to receive more bottles, you have to pay extra, and if you sometimes miss the payment, then you will not have anything to drink at a house or the office. Other than that, a bottle-less dispenser is an eco-friendly option as plastic jug needs are reduced.

2. Convenient Use

There are always chances of water spillage, which will be eliminated in a bottle-less water dispenser. Moreover, replacing a 5 to 10 gallons water jug is no small task; if not done safely, then it can lead to an injury. 

All these will be prevented when you have a bottleless water dispenser. This is because the main thing that creates the problem in the first place, the water jug, will be absent.

So, there is no need to do anything. You can easily have cold or hot water with merely a press of a button. In many models, you won’t even have to touch the unit to dispense the water. There are water dispensers with infrared detection technology, QR code dispensing, and paddle dispensing.

3. Saving of Space

When you have a traditional water dispenser, then you will have to make space to store the extra jugs of water. These jugs may take up significant floor space. 

For easy replacement, they should be near the dispenser, which may be acceptable at home, but for office use, it might take up space where you could put something more important.

You will not face this problem with a bottleless water dispenser as there will be no jugs, so no storage is needed.

 4. Affordable

Bottle-less units are available at a reasonable price in the market from many manufacturers. With these units, you don’t only save on a purchase price, but you also save the cost of a water jug subscription. 

For a traditional water cooler, you will have to pay for the water jug and its delivery, but with a bottle-less unit, there is no need for that as it directly gets connected to the waterline.

5. Maintenance and Cleaning

Once the unit is installed, there will be a minimal maintenance need. You will need to check it for any operational issues and to replace the filter once a year. In short, you won’t have to do anything to keep it functioning.

When it comes to cleaning, it is recommended to clean the traditional water coolers when you change the bottle. To properly clean the unit, you should use bleach and vinegar. Whereas bottle-less units come with automatic cleaning. 

It will have antimicrobial protection, which prevents the microorganism. Also, it will come with ultraviolet cleaning to kill microorganisms.


As discussed, a bottleless water dispenser has many benefits. It will be a better solution for pure drinking water at home or the office. You not only free yourself from the hassle of replacing the jugs and freeing the storage space, but you will also save money as there will be no need for a water jug delivery.

So, if you are thinking of getting a water dispenser, then you should invest in a bottle-less water dispenser; they are available as a floor and as a countertop unit. Countertop units are generally a good choice for home use while floor units for office use.

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