How to Buy the Best Small Guitar Amp for Home Use

Guitar AMP

Are you ready to strum your guitar and get lost in its music at your home? A guitar amp can amplify the sounds from an electric bass or acoustic guitar. With its help, you can enhance your guitar sessions.

In 2019, 1.25 million electric guitars were sold in the United States of America. For home use, you can purchase a small guitar amplifier. But how will you know which one is the best to get the sound quality you desire? Make sure to look for the below factors to find the best small guitar amp for home use:

Portability and Size

Guitar amps come in various sizes. From tiny micro amplifiers to giant ones for multiple speakers, the choice is vast. However, for home use, it is best to go for a small guitar amp.

Are you wondering how small the ideal size should be? It depends on your preference and space. Ensure that your amp does not take up too much space in your room.

Do you have various favorite spots to play your guitar at home? The smaller your amp, the better is its portability. You can carry it along whenever you are in the mood to play your guitar in the kitchen or your living room.


Misconceptions often surround the requirements of necessary power for guitar amplifiers. Loudness does not double if you increase its wattage. For home use, you can go for an amp that has around 20 watts or less.

Any wattage above 20 may not be the best option. Highly powerful wattage at home can produce excessive sound.

It is better to avoid them. After all, you do not want the neighbors to complain.

Moreover, you do not require high wattage to produce good music. Lower wattage also costs less. Save costs by avoiding unnecessary spending on a high-power amp that you may not use up to its full power potential.


Usually, when you turn up your amp about halfway, your guitar sounds the best. Guitar amps come in various configurations. Make sure to explore and choose the one that suits your preference the best. Combo units come with the speaker and amplifier in a single cabinet.

Amps are also available in separate head and speaker cabinets. It allows you to use your amp head with other speaker cabinets. It may be handy if you have a group musical session with your friends at home.

Additionally, make sure that the speaker configuration matches your small guitar amp. You can check for its wattage to ensure compatibility.


It is essential to check a guitar amp’s wood thickness before you purchase it. Construction is a crucial factor that determines your sound quality. Make sure that the wood is not too thin. Otherwise, your speaker may vibrate loosely.

Ideally, a thickness of 1/2” achieves substantial volume. It can keep your speaker intact. Additionally, check if your guitar amp has a closed or open back. Closed ones tend to produce better sound quality.

The right guitar amp can amplify your music well. Make sure to consider the above factors to purchase the best small guitar amp for home use. You can then go ahead and perform at home by creating an ideal aura

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