Top 7 Ways to Have Fun and Stay Safe When Camping With Kids

Camping With Kids

Often, campers engage in different activities that they aren’t used to, which can lead to problems. If camping with kids, plan properly, and acquire the right camping equipment for a more fun-filled adventure.

For instance, if you plan for fishing pursuits, carry life jackets for the kids, fishing bars, and rods. A survival fishing pole is also a must-have; it’s light and easy to carry around. Besides, camping involves trekking for distances, and moving around with bulky items can be stressful. 

Why is safety important when camping with kids?

Safety is a fundamental aspect when camping, and this is particularly true when going with kids.  You expect certain mishaps when in the wild, and these can affect your family in numerous ways. Again, kids are very playful and are likely to get hurt. They can also engage in various activities-and some can be risky.

To enhance the safety of the kids, train them on basic first aid. Also, discuss the possible hazards, and when they are likely to occur.  Moreover, study the camp instead point out the routes to take when lost. Help them understand the signs and directions provided at the camp. Talk to them about the places to avoid, especially steep and thorny areas.

 Lastly, pack medicines for children with special needs like asthma, allergies, and diabetes. Exceed the dose by a few days in case you get late. Carry medicines for fever, diarrhea, and rashes; you never know when you’ll need them.

 What are the fun and safety camping hacks for anyone going with kids?

Camping with the kids can make the trip more enjoyable. There are many things that you can do to make the event worthwhile. Check out some tips;

1. Plan fun-filled activities

A camping adventure is more fun when filled with fun activities for kids. Opt for a campsite offering a variety of fun activities. All these activities should be safe, and you need the right protective gear. And this depends on the type of pursuits that fascinate you. Come up with camping with kids list, including life jackets, helmets, rubber shoes, sunscreen lotion, and more.

2. Consult the kids

Kids are very fussy when it comes to camping activities. You may plan for the best activities, but your kids may not enjoy like them. Have your kids enjoy more by consulting them about what they like. This way, you indirectly tell that you value their opinions. You’ll also get a list of different activities, and this saves a lot of time.

 3. Travel safety

Most camping accidents involve the trip either to or from the campsite. Take safety precautions as you would traveling to any other place. You’ll likely feel fatigued on the return trip. If you feel too tired, pull over the by the roadside and rest.

You can as well contact a friend to drive on the return trip. Also, notify a family member of the adventure and the location. Provide them with the trip details and how long you’ll be away.

4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a significant contributor to many outdoor accidents. It will endanger your life and that of your loved ones. Avoid alcohol or drink in moderation. Do this during the day when through with all the day’s activities.

5. Beware of wild animals

You’ll likely spot a few wild animals in the camping site. Instruct your kids not to go near, touch, or feed them, which enhances their safety. Keep your food coolers safe at night. Mostly, the wild animals go hunting for food, and not storing your food well will attract animals, insects, and bugs.

6. Carry safety accessories

Depending on the nature of outdoor activities, you and the kids may endure some injuries. A first aid kit will come in handy in such cases. Ensure that it contains all the necessary items and medications. Learn how to use the things in there before you leave for the adventure. Also, carry repellants and avoid perfumes and other scented products that can attract insects and bugs.

7. Practice water safety

Most camping trips revolve around water activities like swimming, fishing, or water skiing. Carry the right protective gear to enhance your safety. Have your kids put on personal protective clothing when around water; it will keep them safer when they go out of sight. If the kids have to swim, have them shower before and after, and accompany them as they swim.

8. Set safety precepts for the kids

Setting rules when camping with the family is a wise idea. Children love swimming in rivers and lakes and being around fires. Kids can easily drown in the river or get burned in campfires. They can also incur cuts by camp axes or knives, and setting a few rules will keep them safer. Let them understand all these dangers, and the activities to avoid.

9. Let the kids get dirty!

Kids love playing, for once, let them play with dirt. Even if this involves playing with clay, mud, or sculptures, a mud battle can be a great source of fun. If camping with toddlers, be on the lookout for other campers with kids and let them play together. This way, camping with kids will be easier and more fun for both the kids and parents.


The next time you go camping with kids, plan for fun activities to accommodate everyone. Carry all the necessary clothing and protective gear to ensure that you and your kids stay safe. Although most children love staying indoors glued to electronic devices, camping is an excellent pastime for families.

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