Can a Severe Tooth Pain During Pregnancy Affect the Baby?

Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

One of the most beautiful adventures of life that a woman goes through is during the time of pregnancy. It is the only goal of a mother to keep the child safe and sound in every way. Even with good oral health, it is crucial to ensure a healthy period of nine months.

Unfortunately, it is not the same for everyone as oral issues can arise for pregnant women and it should never go untreated. However, the question that most pregnant women think of is if tooth pain during pregnancy can affect the baby or not.

If you are someone with the same question, then you are suggested to read this blog until the end to discover more.

Can Toothache Affect the Health of An Unborn Child?

When a woman is pregnant, it would be the biggest mistake to take the presence of an illness lightly. The child may experience extreme pain and suffering because of the illness in one way or the other. Therefore, to avoid complications, it is important for the woman to count on the dentist in Knox.

Oral health issues during pregnancy can have an impact both on the mother as well as the unborn child. Having to rely on a dentist in Bendigo for dental checkups can help you avoid a lot of oral health issues and is considered to be one of the crucial measures to take to prevent them.

Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist During Pregnancy?

The dentist in Knox completely agrees with the fact that pregnant women should visit a dentist first. This will allow the dentist to perform a full examination and cleaning. The treatment may also include curing current oral issues and offering relief as per required during the time of the pregnancy.

However, there is no justification when it comes to skipping regularly scheduled checkups if one is already pregnant. On the other hand, it is important to know that pregnancy-related dental care comes with several advantages that outweigh any possible hazards.

Any changes that you are undergoing should be immediately reported to the dentist in Bendigo. Also keep in mind that it is important for your dentist to know as soon as you get pregnant, how far you have reached in your pregnancy stage, if you are on any OTC medication, or if your pregnancy is at high risk.

What are the Common Causes of Toothache During Pregnancy?

Some of the common causes of toothache that may want you to visit the dentist in Knox during the time of pregnancy include the following

Morning Sickness

One of the major causes of dental issues during pregnancy is morning sickness. There are many women who encounter morning sickness.

This could happen because of frequent exposure to stomach acid that can lead to tooth sensitivity or dental cavities. Both of these can cause toothaches which may want you to consult with the dentist in Bendigo.

Changes in Diet

Another reason why you may experience toothache during pregnancy is because of the modifications in the diet. It is very obvious that a woman’s diet changes completely during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman experiences an increase in dairy consumption and sweet food items which further causes her to develop certain dental issues.

Increased Need for Calcium

When a woman is pregnant, there is an increased need for calcium to meet the

calcium needs of a developing foetus.

So when you do not get enough calcium when you are pregnant, it easily results in demineralization of the tooth enamel. This can result in pain and cause toothaches.

Following Poor Oral Habits

The teeth and gums may become more sensitive when a woman is pregnant. This could cause them to brush their teeth improperly or too frequently. As a result, dental issues could develop, leading to pregnancy tooth pain.

It is important for a pregnant woman to count on the best dentist in Bendigo and choose to adopt healthy oral habits. This would help in aiding oral health problems at an early stage and not affect the baby in any way.

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