10 Characteristics That Make You a Great Trader

10 Characteristics That Make You a Great Trader

You don’t become a great trader overnight. It takes years of practice and trial and error to reach the status of a successful trader. Whenever a trader online starts new, it is very unlikely they will possess all the right traits. One thing is pretty clear, successful traders are not born, they are created. But what makes you a great trader?

Let’s have a look at the traits of successful traders….

#1: They Follow a Disciplined Approach

As you step into the market, it will give you infinite opportunities to trade. But if your trading strategy says you should only set 5 trades a day, you must stick to it. Anything beyond that is a chance to mess up your financial situation. Great traders don’t skip trades nor do they get distracted by the variety of options. They follow a disciplined approach instead.

#2: They Are Extremely Patient

To be honest, you can’t be a successful trader without patience. You must have enough patience to wait for a great entry or exit. Until there is a need for a call to action, you need to follow a disciplined approach. At the same time, when the moment is right, you need to act swiftly.

That’s why all traders are advised to evaluate their emotional well-being before choosing the business of trading. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea especially if you are weak and you can’t remain patient. In fact, with this kind of attitude, you will end up losing a lot of money.

#3: They Are Forward Thinkers

Great traders don’t live in the past. They most definitely use historical data to make decisions but they apply that information in the present scenario. The trading market is like a tornado that keeps on moving. If you have made a decision to buy at a certain price within the next 5 minutes, you cannot ignore all that price information occurring during those 5 minutes.

This is exactly why traders constantly plan what their next move will be on the basis of the information available. They plan for different scenarios and pick a trading plan for each one. They make sure they are always prepared.

#4: They Celebrate Success of Fellow Traders

Great traders are never selfish. They don’t compare their results to others. Whenever a fellow trader takes a lead, they congratulate them. They are understanding, supportive, and compassionate. They know that the success of others can never diminish their accomplishments.

#5: They Make Good Use of Leverage

Many traders come to the market to use leverage and control a trading position which is even larger than the capital they have. Great traders, on the other hand, understand that leverage doesn’t just magnify your gains but your losses too. This is why they limit the amount of leverage. They don’t trade beyond 10 percent of their available balance. In short, they make the best use of leverage.

#6: They Are Comfortable Trading According to the Rules

Good traders set some trading rules for themselves and they make decisions keeping those rules in mind. These rules protect them from losses.

They are highly committed to the trading plan. They never let the opinions of others set them away from their plan. They trust their own rules and hence their focus is on catching their own fish.

#7: They Always Set Goals

Good traders are always clear about their goals. This is why they believe in setting goals before even getting started. They first set their goal and keep on reminding themselves why they started in the first place.

They also understand that goals can change over time. On the basis of the progress, they don’t hesitate to adjust their goals.

#8: They Continuously Educate Themselves

Some traders like to seek recognition and validation from others. But good traders don’t. They continuously spend time learning what’s new. No matter how experienced they are, they don’t hesitate on taking guidance from others. They never belittle anyone’s opinion. They listen to all but do what’s best for them.

Another one of their great qualities is that they are not concerned about showing off their skills to others. Their focus is to become a better version of themselves.

#9: They Never Get Obsessed with Money

Great traders believe that money is simply a way of gauging progress. They don’t let greed consume them. As they follow a disciplined approach, it helps them keep away from money obsession. They understand that if the desire to make more money consumes them, it will cloud their judgment.

#10: They Keep on Evaluating Their Progress

Good traders always take some time off to see how far they have come. They pause for self-evaluation. Whether it’s a good strategy or a failed strategy, they always keep track of everything so that they can avoid repeating yesterday’s mistakes. They also work on refining their existing strategies so that success follows them even in the future.

Final Words

If you are learning to become a successful trader, you don’t necessarily have to force these traits upon yourself. To find success in the market or while CFD online trading, you must remain diligent. That may mean you will have to revisit your existing goals, develop a new strategy and follow the footsteps of the world’s greatest investors such as Warren Buffett. Persistence and diligence always pay off. As long as you stick to your goals, you will weather the storm and maximize your gains. Good luck with your journey!

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