Numerology Number: Choose Your Mobile Number as Per Numerology

Your Mobile Number As Per Numerology

Have you ever thought of choosing your mobile number by numerology? Interestingly, choosing a mobile number as per numerology can influence your actions as well as your life immensely. More and more people in this digital era have begun to believe a lot in the power of these numbers.

In fact, there are people who wait for a specific day to do a particular activity. Choosing a mobile number in accordance with the numerology numbers is a decision of the wise. 

After all, there is no harm in trying your luck with these numbers. Let us quickly get equipped with the basics of numerology and then we can know how to choose a mobile number that is fortunate for you.

Introduction to Numerology

Numerology plays a key role in everyday life. From professional life to personal, it affects us in every aspect. Numerology has an ancient history and the roots of it were seeded in the early Greek era.

Imagine from the greatest of all time mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras believed that there is a relationship between numbers and everything which has an existence in this universe. 

 Before we let you come to the conclusion about the numerology and numbers associated, let us elaborate it bit more for you. It is the study of the relationship between letters in your name, ideas, birth and many more. It is also often associated with alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. 

In many religious cultures, you will find references for it. Its results are so promising that one can believe it without any doubt. 

Application of these methods and proven laws of mathematics in a practical world, Numerology discovers the series of our future events. All the different branches of astrology, Numerology stands firm influencing human lives by the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars planets rotation.

What are the Different Numerology Numbers?

There are different meanings for different kinds of numbers that influence your life as an individual. Some of those important numbers are Life Path Numbers, Destiny Numbers, Maturity Number, Personality Number, etc.

Life Path Number

This number is based on the date of birth which reveals most of the things about the opportunities, challenges, and lessons. This number has a crucial place in your life.

Destiny Number 

This is the number by which our destiny is decided. This is all about the achievements, inner goals and ultimate purpose of life. This number is the combination of the alphabet in the name and numeric value assigned.

Maturity Number

A number that distinguishes your hidden desire or wants or dreams that emerges in your mid-30-35 of age. This is the sum of the Life Path Number and Destiny Number.

Personality Number

As its name suggests, it says all about your perspective, attitude, and approach towards life. This has to disclose all about the significant aspects of your life. 

Knowing about these numbers does not really end up the task. The real task is to decode the numbers that are meant for you. And this can be done only when you know what your numbers are and what is the significance of these numbers for you. 

This is where the importance of numerology apps in life comes into the picture. There are umpteen apps available that can do this work for you. We shall know the app that is suitable for carrying out the calculations in the later part of this writeup.

How to Find Out the Mobile Number Based on Numerology Number?

Nowadays it’s hard to find the one who doesn’t carry a mobile device for any purpose. Mobile number is what identifies you, that’s why choosing a unique number is really important. 

From business to academics or say personal life to politics. Numbers are everywhere and so choosing your mobile number by numerology seems relevant.


Calculating a lucky number for your mobile device can be done in multiple ways which are discussed below. Choose the one that fits best for you.

  • The mobile number which starts with your Date of Birth

You can look into the table below for the reference of numerology numbers you can try as per your date of birth.

Birthdate  Numbers
1, 10, 19, 28 2, 3, 4, 9
2, 11, 20, 29 1, 5
3, 12, 21, 30 1, 2, 9
4, 13, 22, 31 6, 8
5, 14, 23 1, 6
6, 15, 24 4, 5, 7, 8
7, 16, 25 6, 9
8, 17, 26 4, 5, 6
9, 18, 27 1, 2, 3, 7
  • A number which starts from your Life Path Number

This is another good method to try. You can calculate your life path number by adding your date+month+year of birth. If the total sum of your mobile number is what your Life Path Number is, then this is also a good indication of your fortunate mobile number.

  • Add the digits of your mobile number

Sum up the digits of your mobile number to a single digit to find out your lucky number. If the mobile number is 0345-5937275 then the calculation goes this way 0+3+4+5+5+9+3+7+2+7+5 = 50:  5+0 = 5

Having 5 as your number indicates a life of adventure and business. This number is ideal for businessmen. 

But how will you get to know the meaning of each of these numbers? Well, its very simple a numerology app can do it for you. You can read below to find out how!

What is the Importance of Numerology Apps in Life?

Now to know the meaning of each of these numerology numbers, you can seek help from an app that works pretty well in numerology. The app has been justified as of great help from an enormous number of users. The app is Tarot life.


This numerology app covers all of the numbers that you may want to know including Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number, etc. Tarot Life explains the significance of each number in detail so that one can know about anything and everything in accordance with numbers that are related to their life.

This app also deals in Tarot, in case if you are curious to know your future with the mystic cards. Download this app now from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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