6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Perfume

choose the right perfume

The perfume you attire offers a boost to your appeal and confidence. It’s evident to be curious about how to choose the right perfume for any occasion or a casual day out. It’s because of the tremendous number of scents available today.

Whether you are a fragrance frenzied or you are new-fangled to perfume, choosing the right perfume can be a daunting moment.

When you get to a perfume store, it’s likely for an amateur to select the scent by looking at the perfume bottles. This, of course, gives no information about how the fragrance is.  A smell you wear can be your extension, but how to choose?

We have different ways that will help you decide how to choose the right perfume for you that will match your unique style and personality.

1. Research about the fragrance types

Knowing what the standard terms in the world of fragrance mean will help you narrow down what exactly you are looking for. The most common type of fragrance available at the market is Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, or perfume. These have their own beauty of smell, which you need to know while choosing a fragrance for you.

  1. Eau De Toilette: This fragrance has a low concentration of perfume oils ranging from 5 to 15 %. Because of its dilution, you can spray this type of fragrance more profoundly. Even if you use it slowly, it will fade within 4-5 hours. If you want to smell good but don’t want it to be noticeable, this kind of fragrance would be a better choice. It is characterized by the top notes. It goes perfect with the summer-like weather. This is an affordable perfume, but you need to reapply if you want it to last long.
  2. Eau De Parfum:This fragrance has a concentration of 15 – 20 % of perfume oils that lingers for 4- 8 hours. You may lightly spray if you don’t want it to be noticeably and spray it generously when you are dressing up for the party. This kind of perfume is characterized by middle notes. This could be a better choice for you if you live in a cold region.
  • Perfume: This perfume has the highest concentration of perfume oils (20-40%), which lasts for 12-24 hours.Perfumes releases all notes viz. top, heart, and base note. This could be a better choice for special occasions like parties or weddings.

2. Know how fragrance lingers

It is imperative to discern how your perfume lingers to make the right choice of fragrance. The scent lingers in different notes (e.g., top, middle, and base).

The top note is the most primary scent that you will smell when you spray perfume for the first time. After 15-30 minutes, it fades away, giving a middle note. This is the heart note, and it characterizes for some hours. When this note dissipates, you are left with the base note which lingers the most.

Choose the perfume that offers a similar family of notes. Choose your perfume not based on the individual notes, but on the way how it works together. The notes are generally found looking at the bottle’s description.

3. Choose the right brand

The next step after determining the type of fragrance and note is to determine the right brand for you. There is a tremendous number of perfume brands available in the current market. You may select the one for you based on the quality, price, type of fragrance, its ingredients, and the notes it offers. We cannot articulate the best scent as it depends on your preference.

However, one of the best quality and most popular perfumes is creed aventus cologne. You can visit “groomingwise” to get an idea of different creed perfumes and colognes. The Creed brand produces the best, high-quality, and original scents for men and women. There are many other brands of perfume you can refer to depending on your choice and the budget you look for.

4. Don’t just test in Store

Don’t choose your perfume, just testing it a store. It takes time for the notes of a fragrance to reveal themselves and to know the different layers of aroma. It is crucial to move a little bit and wait for some time after you spray the fragrance on your skin. This helps you to your perfume better. This will insight you on how it really smells versus making a first impression judgment really quickly in Store.

You can also use paper testers in the Store to get your first impression of a fragrance.  Wait some time, Go out with a little scent sprayed and tested it before you invest in the whole bottle.

5. Test different Perfumes

Narrowed your list to a few; now is the time to take your final decision.  Spray the perfumes on different sticks, put them on separate pockets, and go for your day. Smell the fragrance; take care of the notes for each of the taken perfume. Refresh your nose. Test one perfume at a time to avoid olfactory retention (your nose is likely to smell it continuously for a long time).

After you select the best among them, spray it in your body and conform to its notes and fragrance. If you are not satisfied, try other perfumes following similar steps. When you are satisfied, Congratulations, That is the perfume that suits you the best.

6. Try your signature perfume

Always remember that you are the person who should determine the scent that suits best on you. Don’t let anyone chose it for you- that’s the reason most of the gifted perfumes left unused. Ask for the people to review it, but make it the unique one to contrast it from others. Make it your own signature scent. The best perfume for you would be the one which satisfies you suits the chemistry of your body.

Perfume is part of your personality that has a dominant effect on how people hark back to you. So wisely choose your perfume to be more attractive, less stressed, and more confident.

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