Choosing the Best Vehicle Transport Services for Your Needs

Vehicle Transport Services

The nature of a successful business is to identify a problem or a strong unfulfilled need and then provide an efficient, convenient and affordable solution.

That’s exactly what a vehicle transportation service provides.

A company that offers a way to deliver a car, truck or other vehicle from one location to another — even all the way to Hawaii, Alaska or another country — may not be on the radar screen of the average person.

However, vehicle transportation is actually a thriving sector in the United States.

Who Needs It and Why

Vehicle transportation is probably not on the radar for the average person until they find themselves in the situation of needing to get a car, pick-up, motorcycle, boat or other to some distant location.

Some common examples:

A retired couple in Minnesota decides to spend winters in Arizona. They would like to bring their two cars and a motorcycle with them. Driving them all would be a major hassle. They can easily solve the problem by hiring a vehicle transport service while they fly down ahead.


A resident of New York City gets a new job located in St. Louis. Now with a lot of moving to do — from furniture to family! — Hiring a transport service to handle the delivery of two cars streamlines the move.

Other examples briefly:

  • Military personal
  • Car dealerships
  • College students
  • New car buyers

… and more. But now let’s turn to key factors that are important to look for when choosing a reliable, safe and dependable car transport service.

How to Choose a Vehicle Transport Provider

The first step for most people in looking for any service is a web search. Most people are surprised to find that vehicle transport is actually a thriving sector, and there will be many providers to choose from.

In selecting high-quality vehicle transport services, be sure to:

Check for Registration

The vehicle transport industry is highly regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The first step is to check in the company has a DOT number and also an MC number. These provide proof of their registration. If they are not registered, do not hire them.

Insured and Bonded

Never work with a company that does not have proof of insurance and bonding. That absolves you of accidents or other problems that may arise during transport. Furthermore, a top-flight operator will be flexible, adaptable and offer clients additional coverage. The latter will cost a bit more, but it can provide great peace of mind.

Shopping on Price

Naturally, many people start by looking at costs. As long as a company is registered, insured and bonded, it’s reasonable to seek a transport provider that offers the best deal moneywise.

In some respects, you get more when you opt to pay more so always calculate all the offerings with auto transport calculator. For example, some companies offer things like digital tracking, extra care for luxury vehicles or classic cars, expedited delivery times, door-to-door delivery and more.

Experience Means a Lot

Even if it costs more, there is much to be said about a company with a lot of experience in transporting vehicles. Sometimes there’s no substitute. True, every provider had to start somewhere, but if you want to feel truly comfortable with the people to whom you’re entrusting your expensive vehicle, experience matters!

Get Feedback & Testimonials from Past Customers

Among the best ways to make a judgment about the quality of a company is to talk to others who have already used them. Looking at online reviews/rating sites is one way to do that, but finding an actual real person or company that has used the transport company in question is the best way.

Payment Options

A sign of a high-quality auto transport service is the availability of numerous ways to pay. That runs the gamut from cash up front, credit cards, debit cards, fintech payment apps or other digitally enabled money transfer methods.

A Smart Solution

Keep in mind that the price of vehicle transport is offset by what people save on fuel, wear-and-tear, time and other factors incurred when just driving the vehicle to a new location. Going with a well-vetted, registered and respected vehicle transport provider is simply the smart thing to do.

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