List of Christmas DIY Gifts for Your Loved Ones!

It’s time for gifts! Christmas is finally getting closer, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to give to your loved ones.

While this holiday is all about cheer, love, and togetherness, let’s be honest, it’s also about presents, so show your appreciation for those who make your life better every day by gifting them with something unique, thoughtful and cute.

Here are a few DIY Christmas gift ideas that will blow them away. 

365 love notes

If writing is your strong suit, why not put your talents to work and come up with 365 love notes for your loved one. Find a cute jar of a vase and fill it with handwritten, personalized messages.

You can color-code your messages—pink paper for reasons you love them, yellow for funny moments, green for their favorite quotes and lyrics and red for a few naughty thoughts in case you’re gifting your jar to your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Don’t have time for 365 notes? Make one for every week of the year, so 52. 


Personalized coffee mugs

All caffeine-crazed people just can’t get enough of mugs, so surprise your java lover with a nice personalized cup. Grab an oil-based sharpie and scribble down a cute message or a funny coffee-related pun (“I love you a latte” or “You’re my cup of tea”) or go for a cute drawing that will represent your relationship.

Let your work of art dry for 24 hours and bake the mug in the oven for two hours so that the ink stays forever. Now, your mug is ready for gifting and making your loved one smile with every sip of coffee. 

Marbled dinnerware 

If your loved one is just getting settled in their new home or if they love to throw Insta-perfect dinner parties, they will love a few marbled dinnerware pieces. Since galaxy colors are super popular today, you can opt for a funky color palette that is sure to leave a huge impression.

Here’s a little guide that will help you with your project, but you really don’t need much to make this gift Pinterest-worthy. Plus, just making your present is so much fun—you’ll want a set all for yourself too! 



Cute bookshelf

Book lovers can never have enough space for their precious paper companions, so why not take some weight off of their old bookshelf with something completely new and unique? You can find amazing ideas for bookshelves you can make yourself with only a few materials.

From easy hanging shelves to old cabinets-turned-shelves and full-size ladder DIY bookshelves, you only need plenty of goodwill to commit yourself to the task and you’ll really surprise your loved one.

And, if you know their taste in books, you can start filling in their new bookshelf by grabbing an interesting bestseller. 

DIY air plant containers 

This one is perfect for both those with a green thumb and a black thumb because air plants require minimal maintenance. Grab a piece of wood you like (circular or any other shape, but ensure the bottom is flat), carve out a hole in the wood and decorate the container as you wish.

One easy want to add some character to your planter is to dip dye. Place the air plant inside when the container is dry and gift to your plant lover. It will be a perfect piece of decoration for their desks, windowpane or mantel. 

Home-made drink

If you know your loved one likes to get warm with a glass of spirits during winter evenings, you can surprise them with a hand-made drink. What you’ll need for this tasty gift is a strong spirit (whiskey, vodka) and some herbs, spices, and fruits for flavor.

Fill a pretty mason jar with all the ingredients and wait until the aromas infuse. Strain after two weeks, decorate the jar with a nice message and voila! You’re ready to toast and spice up your cozy evenings. 

Christmas basket

If you don’t have any time to pull off a DIY project, you can put together a basket full of your loved one’s favorite things. Think somewhere in the line of cinnamon-scented candles, relaxing teas, vanilla bubble baths, gingerbread spices, and stuffed animals.

Wrap everything in cellophane and present it with a little handwritten note. Every time they reach for an item from your goody basket, they will think of you and your thoughtful gift. 

holiday gifts

There’s no better way to show someone you truly care than with a hand-made gift. This small present often means so much more than a diamond ring or a new piece of tech that will get outdated in a few months. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work to surprise your loved ones this Christmas! 

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