Top 5 Biggest Competitors Of YouTube That You Should Know About

YouTube Competitors

YouTube is considered to be one of the most popular online platforms for sharing video graphic content. The material available on YouTube is free to watch, and a person needs to have an internet connection to view it anytime, anywhere.

Also, they can obtain free fubotv login and password to binge-watch an ocean of videos for free! It is a platform for two types of users: content creator and content viewer, the main aim of a content creator is to derive more viewership and for the latter is to get details about new things.

Whenever a person thinks of uploading a video online or when they go looking for new content, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube, almost every day there are thousands of videos uploaded on the website which are viewed by another billion people. 

It has now become a platform for people wherein YouTube stars have emerged who are no less than celebrities. According to statistics, every hour, over 1 billion hours is consumed on this video-sharing platform by the users. Some people have made YouTube their profession and are earning a handsome amount of money out of the same.

YouTube has dominated the market for video-sharing, but there exist knockoffs to it, which almost many of us don’t know about. Let’s take a look at the top 5 YouTube competitors and see what the things which make them stand out with YouTube are.



Vimeo is a perfect alternative to YouTube and is being used by business hubs, educational institutions for hosting or sharing their videos because of its premium video player. And, the best thing is, one can easily download videos from these on 4hub. One of the main advantages is that there exists a more significant amount of privacy options to the content uploader. 

It was founded in the year 2004, having its headquarters in the United States. The main reason for its membership is that it allows the users to stream high definition videos so that the problem of quality is not compromised.


  1. User-friendly analytics tool
  2. High-Definition streaming for videos
  3. Passwords protect your uploaded videos, which means that no issue of privacy exists.
  4. Highly-customizable embed video player, which allows you to change all the settings and customize it as per your comfort.


  1. Less viewership with only around 150 million members
  2. Storage limits for uploading videos.
  3. Not free as compared to YouTube



It is a France based online video-sharing platform that allows the user to upload, download, view, and share different videos. This video-sharing platform is available in almost all parts of the world and supports more than 18 languages. 

There exists mature content that is uploaded, which makes it stand out in the intense competition in the industry. There live both free and paid versions for the users. Dailymotion has always been a great competitor to YouTube.


  1. There are very fewer restrictions for uploading the videos
  2. Unlimited Space for storage
  3. No limit on the bandwidth


  1. The maximum size of the video should be 2GB
  2. Limited analytics option available.
  3. The maximum duration of the video cannot exceed 60 mins
  4. Fewer copyright claims.



Metacafe is a community-based video sharing website that was founded in Israel in 2003. The main thing which makes it accessible is the actual and original content that is streamed on this website. They are specialized in showcasing short-clips, and the average video on the website is around 90 seconds long.


  1. More than 40 million viewers
  2. Pageview payment methods for content creators.
  3. High-quality DIYs present on the website
  4. Downloading videos is pretty straightforward.


  1. Pixel issues
  2. Time cap on the videos
  3. Only the English language is supported.



Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms and is mainly used by gamers. It was founded in 2011, and the main aim was to facilitate the players who live-stream their gameplay.

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The options available on the website are watching/uploading videos, chatting with thousands of people, and many more. It is mainly used by Gamers while live-streaming their gameplay.


  1. Mainly suitable for live game streaming.
  2. The Explore option is useful.
  3. Limited viewership.
  4. Get Paid while playing gamers.


  1. Less payout as compared to YouTube
  2. Rewind option, not available
  3. Not worth it if you are not a Gamer.


Instagram TV

Instagram is a popular social media application that has more than a billion registered users. IGTV, or also called Instagram TV, is a video application by Instagram that allows the users to upload long videos and even share the same to fellow Instagram users. The IGTV works on mobile devices and also has an IGTV Web version through which you can browse it on a Laptop or Desktop.

Moreover, while uploading a video on IGTV, the user has the option to create Episodes, Series, Change the thumbnail of the video and add the title/description to the video.


  1. Easy to use and User-Friendly interface.
  2. No Time Limit for Videos.
  3. Sharing videos to Facebook is super easy.
  4. Useful for video promoters and many sharing options available for the developers to share IGTV Videos.
  5. A fantastic experience to watch videos on Mobile Phones.


  1. Video transferring or saving to the device is not available.
  2. Viewership confined to only Instagram users.
  3. No option of video searching available.
  4. Monetization is not possible.
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