9 Best Window Treatment Ideas For Decorating A Stylish Home Office

Planning to create a home office that fosters creativity and productivity? Aside from a comfortable desk and chair and neat storage solutions, one of the major considerations is lighting.

Since you’re likely to work during the day, it’s recommended to situate your workstation near a window. Research suggests that the amount of natural light the room receives plays a big role in one’s productivity. Investing in the right window treatment is the key.

Whether you’re decorating your home office or you’re in charge of selecting the best window treatments for your workplace, these ideas will surely pack a punch in your space.

1. Install sleek white shutters

Install sleek white shutters

Want to create a calm, clean, and sophisticated finish that fosters productivity? White plantation shutters never fail. They provide privacy and visual interest without sacrificing light. If you’re aiming for a neat, contemporary look, opt for wider slats with a concealed push rod.

White shutters are versatile. You can pair them with furniture with wood and steel accents for a subtly industrial finish or use them as clean backdrops for bold and vibrant office furniture.

2. Opt for stylish vertical blinds

Opt for stylish vertical blinds

If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner who can’t afford installing a beautiful white plantation shutter, why not go with white blinds? Gone are the days when blinds were nothing but white, plastic, horizontal and flimsy which break and turn yellow with time. Today you can choose from vertical, metal, hardwood, and faux wood.

If you’re designing an office, where you prioritize privacy without sacrificing light, consider having vertical blinds with wide slats. Next to white, you can even have light gray or even dark wood effect.

3. Match window treatment with the rest of your scheme

Match window treatment with the rest of your scheme

Create a cohesive office design by opting for window treatments that effortlessly blend into the rest of your scheme. This is an easy way to incorporate interest into your office without compromising the minimalist, distraction-free ambiance we all need.

Next to white window treatments (which are definitely the obvious choice), you can take cues from your office design. If it’s flooded with woodsy elements and warm neutrals, you may go with beige or light gray light-filtering shades. You can also pick natural woven shades, which match perfectly with your earthy hues.

4. Add visual appeal with decorative elements

Add visual appeal with decorative elements

Choosing simple blinds and shades is ideal for busy rooms, like office spaces, where you don’t want to be distracted. But if the standard white window treatments aren’t your type, you can find a wide variety of decorative window treatments that are suitable for your meticulous taste.

We’re talking about roller shades with decorative hems, zebra roller shades, roller shades with geometric patterns, and woven woods. They are a great way to introduce gorgeous fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns into your office space.

5. Keep patterns and colors subtle

Keep patterns and colors subtle Keep patterns and colors subtle 

Inject fun patterns and colors without making your space look cluttered and distracting by keeping the decorative elements subtle. A white roller shade with gray or beige geometric pattern is a great example. Another creative idea is using a stylish yet repetitive pattern.

6. Create a formal, masculine office with dark wood

masculine office with dark wood

Want to create an office space with a vintage vibe? You can never go wrong with dark wood shutters.

Of course, dark wood shutters will impact the amount of light coming into your room. It will, however, make your workstation look rich, formal, and more masculine. For a more classic take, pair it with wood shelving units and desk, vintage furniture, and a mid-century style light fixture.

7. Add a decorative window film

Don’t like curtains, blinds, and shutters? Having a contemporary space with bare metal-framed windows is a dream, especially if you’re overlooking a calm-inducing space. But if you’re concerned about the sun (and your scenery isn’t doing anything to induce creativity), you may go with glare-resistant window films.

Think about a sophisticated frosted window effect, a captivating stained glass window, or even a simple window film with simple repeat patterns, which add interest to your space.

8. Block out the noise

Do you have a problem with loud neighbors or noisy streets? The right window treatment won’t only block or filter harsh sunlight and provide privacy – they can also help you block out as much noise as possible.

You don’t have to splurge on shutters – the right fabric can reduce the sound in rooms. You may invest in curtains or heavy drapes that are made out of wool or velvet, which help cut down some unnecessary noise pollution as you work or take conference calls. Fabric shades also help dampen sound in spaces with hard surfaces, like wooden floors or large windows.

9. Don’t scrimp on window treatments

Invest well in a timeless window treatment that doesn’t look cheap and flimsy. Stick to high-quality blinds, shades, and plantation shutters from well-known manufacturers. It’s okay to splurge a bit if you’re buying window treatments that you’re going to use for years.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad writes for iStyle Shutters, a leading provider of high-quality window coverings in Sydney including blinds, plantation shutters, and awnings. Writing about home improvement and interior design is her cup of tea.

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