What to Do if You Are Facing Drug Charges in Sydney

Drug Charges

Charges like drug possession and drug use have severe consequences in Sydney. Stats show that over 11% of drug use charges in Sydney involve the use of cannabis. The possession and use of drugs, including cannabis, are illegal in all states and territories in Australia.

So even a night of experimenting with marijuana or cocaine could result in drug use charges. People who are caught supplying or trafficking drugs in Sydney face even more severe punishments.

So if you’re facing drug charges, contact Sydney drug lawyers immediately to give yourself the best chance at fighting them. These experts have comprehensive knowledge of different drug-related laws in NSW and can help navigate the legal battle.

Understand the Nature and Severity of the Drug Charge

The first thing to do is understand the type of drug charge you face. For example, the defences against a drug possession charge and a drug use charge vary, as do their penalties and punishments.

The penalty for drug possession is usually a fine of up to $2200 and/or two years of imprisonment. However, the penalty for trafficking commercial quantities of illicit drugs in Sydney is life imprisonment.

Similarly, the quantity of drugs that were in your possession also matters. For example, if a person is caught holding 1 gram of cocaine, it is considered a “small quantity.” However, if the quantity of cocaine is 1kg, it becomes a large/commercial quantity.

Build a Strong Case

You will need the services of Sydney drug lawyers to build a strong case in your defence. These experts know the provisions and conditions associated with each type of drug charge and will use the best points to argue the case.

You will also need evidence in the form of written submissions, witness statements, pictures, or videos to make your case stronger.

Your lawyer will educate you precisely what types of evidence you need. For example, if you can prove that you were unaware that drugs were present on your property, you may get an acquittal.

The experts will analyse the unique facts of your case and compare it with the provisions of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 to find the best points in your favour.

Discuss Your Options with Your Drug Lawyer

If a full acquittal is not an option in your case, your lawyer will try to bring down your charges to a lower offence. For instance, if the quantity of drugs involved in a drug supply and trafficking charge is low, then the drug lawyer may be able to bring it down to a drug possession charge.

The NSW police department uses blood tests to determine if a person used drugs. Unless the prosecution proves the individual consumed or used drugs “without reasonable doubt,” the judge cannot convict such a person of drug use charges. In this case, the charge will become drug possession (assuming that the person possessed drugs).

While self-representation is an option for all cases in Sydney, it’s best to hire an expert lawyer to handle your drug-related case.

These experts can also help you save valuable time and effort involved in collecting evidence, and do everything in their power to ensure you walk free.

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