When You Educate Girls, You Educate a Community

educate girls

There’s no question that education is the best instrument a girl can have in life. It enables them to achieve their dreams and enjoy their freedom. However, there are fewer opportunities for girls in education. The world still has unfair expectations in the role of girls in the family and society. Thus, circumstances are rigged in a way that condones progress for girls and women, even more so in disadvantaged communities.

People can break this cycle by investing in girls’ education, which everyone can do through girls scholarships, volunteer work, equipment support, and many other ways.

Everyone deserves an education.

There is an African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The people and a child’s surroundings do have a significant impact on his or her development. However, what is not often heard is how a child can impact a community.

More specifically, people seem to be unaware of how girls can contribute more valuable contributions if given proper education. Another African proverb advises this principle. It says, “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

Gender disparity still exists in many parts of the world. According to UNICEF, 132 million girls do not have access to education. Aside from issues with transportation and resources, safety in school plays a large factor too.

It is good to know that there have been various initiatives for equal education, yet every community must persevere and break the system altogether. Initiatives such as girls’ scholarships, mentorship programs, media campaigns, and more can help girls get the education they deserve.

Women’s representation leads to a prosperous nation.

Women in the workplace continue to be underrepresented despite knowing the strengths and unique contributions they can give. Furthermore, it leads to an unjust dynamic in the economy. Women work an alarming 66% of working hours in the world. Yet, it only amounts to 10% of the world’s income. The Australian Institute of Companies Directors reports only 16.1% of individuals on board are women.

This unreasonable system makes its way towards the homes where women give 90% of their earnings to the family when men reinvest only 30-40%. Whether talking GDP or not, women extend most of the emotional labour in families. It is very upsetting how the world expects so much from a woman when society does not take active steps in helping them as girls.

What education can offer

A vicious cycle will continue when girls do not have access to education and other opportunities. If only supported by financial resources, coaching, and tutoring, girls will more likely finish school. She will have greater chances to pursue a career that she wants in the future.

More women in the workplace mean more representation, more voices heard, and a fairer society in general. Furthermore, women leaders serve as role models for girls. In turn, they will seek education and better opportunities.

Women can choose to be mothers too, and they can support the younger generation when empowered. Educated women can earn 25% more income to support herself and her family if ever.

Education for girls does not stop at learning how to spell or computing areas of shapes. It does not end at finishing a book or getting hired at a company. A good education can change young girls’ future and allow them to be active members of society.

It abolishes long-standing norms that do not anymore contribute to the progress of humankind. Educated girls build stronger families, and in turn, stronger communities.

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