Top Examples of Equipment an Aesthetic and Slimming Clinic Must Have

Equipment Slimming Clinic

Different factors can affect the health of a person’s skin. These include genetics, food, pollution, the sun, and smart devices. To restore excellent skin quality, people often go to spas and aesthetic clinics that offer the best advanced skin care products and services.

With that said, launching a business that caters to such demands may be a lucrative venture today.

To get started, you need to consider getting one or all of the following equipment to attract more potential clients and effectively address their issues.

1. Facial treatment machines

The face attracts the most attention, yet it is the most exposed body part that can get damaged by the sun, pollution, and other factors. Thus, having equipment that treats facial issues is a must for your clinic.

eMatrix Two

The eMatric Two treatment combines Sublime Skin Contouring and Sublime Rejuvenation treatments to make the skin look youthful. It uses both radio-frequency energy and light energy to give an effective tightening and fractional treatment that minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and pores while protecting the skin surface.

Benefits of this form of facial treatment include brighter and smoother skin with less scarring, fewer deep wrinkles, and pores that appear visibly smaller. Moreover, lax skin becomes firmer and tighter.

These results become evident after about three to six months, but some patients notice significant changes right after treatment.

Plexr Plus

The Plexr Plus device is an innovative development that uses plasma technology. It is an accurate device that does not spread heat to nearby areas, making it one of the best cosmetic equipment for soft eyelid procedures or blepharoplasty.

This device is cordless, with the main base and three handpieces that are pre-calibrated and rechargeable. The application of this plasma device involves a wide range of medical disciplines including aesthetic medicine, dermatology, gynecology, oculoplastic, and dentistry.

It is used in dermatology for removing tattoos, scars, warts, and moles. At the same time, it can be used in aesthetic surgery for wrinkles, cysts, and lifting the face, neck, and body.


Ultherapy targets areas under the skin using focused ultrasound energy. It is used to counteract wrinkles on the face, skin sagging, and drooping brow area. It works by stimulating collagen production to create a younger-looking appearance. The application is aimed at various depths that affect the muscle, superficial wrinkles, and skin. Results of this treatment include fewer wrinkles, less sagging, and firmer skin.

2. Slimming equipment

Some of the skin issues that women face are sagging or loose skin and cellulite. Over time, the skin becomes elastic, which can result in sagging and drooping. Having a slimming device in your aesthetic clinic can be a smart investment.


CoolTech technology uses a controlled cooling system to reduce localized adipose tissue. It is a non-invasive, painless, effective, and safe slimming method, and results can be visible even after just one treatment.

The treatment lasts for about an hour. Here, an applicator is used to suck the fat tissue into the cooling system, where it is destroyed. The dead cells will then be released through the lymphatic system.


The Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that makes use of electromagnetic energy to activate supramaximal contractions. As a result, fat cells get eliminated, and muscles get tightened, resulting in an improved abdominal tone, strengthened abdominal muscles, and firm buttocks.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy uses pulsed magnetic fields and multi-polar radio frequency. It yields a therapeutic heat environment over the skin, stimulating the natural healing response of the body, triggering the skin to contract, and increasing blood circulation. And this results in a decrease in localized fat deposits, visible tightening of the skin, and a reduction of cellulite. Right after treatment, the skin can look firmer and smoother.

3. Hair removal devices

The effective removal of unwanted hair is one of the in-demand services today, so you should offer this as well. Here are some of the best hair removal devices to choose from.


Primelase is among the fastest permanent hair removal treatments nowadays. It uses an advanced diode laser technology that effectively removes unwanted hair from the face and body. It works by applying a beam of light that accurately targets the melanin or the hair follicle’s pigment to destroy the cells triggering hair growth.

Primelase is specially designed to be used in dermatology clinics that cater to several clients. Thanks to the machine’s superb refrigeration system, it can work non-stop.

Cutera Excel V

The Cutera Excel V is a laser system that addresses over 20 unique indications in different skin types. It can treat a wide range of vascular conditions, skin revitalization issues, and benign pigmented lesions.

Elysion Pro

The Elysion Pro uses the new generation of diode laser for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It is a platform that combines four wavelengths in one device to treat all hair types, phototypes, and body areas. It guarantees maximum profitability, safety, and effectiveness even on dark skin and residual hair.

Since it is lightweight and portable, its use can be maximized by moving it around with ease. For instance, you can move it conveniently to the most suitable or convenient room for your clients.

With the increasing demand for cosmetology products and services, opening an aesthetic and slimming clinic can be a rewarding investment. To ensure that you get high-quality devices, get them only from reputable medical equipment suppliers.


Elias Chabtini is the Founder and CEO of Medica Group, a leader in providing complete beauty solutions for medical aesthetic clinics, dentists and beauty aesthetic centers, setting high standards and providing high-quality products. Chabtini is renowned for his international leadership and expertise in non-invasive cosmetic surgery, and his 20 years of experience and consumer-centered practices have placed him as one of the 100 Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East by

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