5 Best Essentials for Family Road Trips

Essentials for Family Road Trips

Family road trips can bring you tons of fun and it is more enjoyable when you plan a road trip properly. However, road trips can be unpleasant when you cross over three hours mark, your little kids will get panicked and ask questions like “are we there yet?”.

It is mommy’s responsibility to keep them everyone happy while the papa is driving. To make your trip pleasant and enjoyable, we are providing you some of the best essentials that need to make everyone happy.

We are providing you some advice sorted by category so that you can understand properly.

Things You Need Before You Start Road Trips

1. Safety:

Every person thinks about their family’s safety first. So, take all the essentials that ensure the safety of your family. The safety essentials are given below:

  • Car Seat: A baby is not comfortable sitting a longer amount of time in a normal car seat. That is why you need to buy the best infant car seat or a travel seat for your kid.
  • First Aid Kit: It provides general medical supplies to make treatment on fracture, injuries. If you have a sporty kid who loves to play all the time, you must need it.
  • Paper or Digital Map: If you are unknown to your traveling spot, taking a paper map or using a mobile map such as google maps is always necessary for you to stay at the right direction.
  • Baby Carrier: Carrying a with a lot of other bag packs is not always easy for you. To ensure safety, carrying a baby through a carrier when you are out for a meal or traveling any spot will be a great idea. Check the best baby carrier reviews to know your requirements.
  • Multi-Port and Portable Charger: Multi-port changer is important because it works both with IOS and Android devices. Moreover, a portable changer like a powerbank is a must because it helps you change your phone without electricity power.
  • Car Emergency Kit: Pack your car emergency kit with all the emergency kit you need for your car. Service your car before you plan a trip. Always keep your driving license and insurance paper with you for your safety.

2. Cloths & Footwear:

  • All essential undergarments.
  • Lounge Shirts & Pajamas.
  • Swaddle or Sleeping Sacks for Babies.
  • Shirt (both long & short sleeves).
  • Jeans & Shorts.
  • Sweater & Waterproof Jacket.
  • Hiking shoes and water shoes.

This part is very simple because everyone has their preference for clothing and it is mostly based on any specific trip. Try to make your list, it will help more.

Use a separate soft-shell suitcase to store all your clothes. They are more pliable so that you can fill them according to your preference.

3. Foods and Drinks:

  • Portable water bottle: It a must-have for long-distance or short-distance trips.
  • Home-made light foods: Light food like sandwiches, peanut butter, jam, hazelnut, etc. They are a lot healthier than fast foods.
  • Other non-sticky snacks: Non-sticky snacks like crackers, nuts, and chips. Try to avoid chocolates, candies, gummies and don’t fill up the car with foods as it will make your car messy.
  • Juice: Freeze your juice box the day before your trip, they will stay cool while traveling.

4. Entertainment:

  • Creativity kits: Kids love to draw while they are on the road. Grab all drawing accessories with you. Pick some colorful pencils so that kids can color their books when they feel bored.
  • Travel Lap Activity Tray: It is very useful for kids when they are traveling. In addition, it can be attached with a car seat and can act as a table and help kid’s high tech from falling.
  • Electric Toys: Electric toys or devices are a lifesaver when your kid is so used to it. If he likes any game, tv show, song, cartoon show;give him some alone moment to get some peace from them. Watch kid-friendly movies with them, it will create a good bonding and you will find interesting topics to talk about many things.
  • Music Playlist: Create an awesome playlist for your trip. Try not to put high volume because the kids are not very comfortable with loud music. Don’t forget to add some old school classic music and some upbeat music to make the trip colorful.

5. Medicine / Health Kit:

  • Motion sickness medicine: If your baby has a motion sickness problem, it is better to have it with you.
  • Pain relief medicine: You will never know when fever arises or feel pain in body section. It is a must-have for any trip.
  • Cold meds: It is easy to grab cold because on road trips you and your family will deal with many different kinds of weather so having a cold medicine will relieve everybody’s health throughout the journey.
  • InjuryTools:Pack bandages, medical tape, gauze pads, antibacterial ointment, and other necessary things.


A family road trip is one of the most enjoyable moments for every family person. Packing those items will make your life easier and you will enjoy the trip even better.

Share your road trip stories in the comment section. We are interested to hear your stories.

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