Research-Based Facts On Flu Medications

Cold and Flu

With colder weather moving in, there is a better chance of catching viruses such as the flu and cold. There are numerous options available to fight symptoms and assist the body in getting rid of the virus.

Although many people search for the best over the counter flu medicine or seek a prescription through their medical doctor, these are not the only methods for feeling better.

More people are choosing natural and homeopathic remedies, and they are doing so for a few reasons. They are backed by years of research, which demonstrates that they are not only effective but also safer for the body because they do not have side effects like traditional medicine does.

To prepare for cold and flu season, stock your house with essentials to help boost your immune system and fight off symptoms.

Natural Medicine That Works

When you choose Brillia health, you can rest assured that the natural remedies are going to do their jobs. Unlike traditional over the counter and prescription drugs that just cover up symptoms, homeopathic options work with the body to shorten the illness time.

They also reduce the severity of your symptoms. This results in not only feeling better quickly, but also strengthening the immune system so you can better fight off future illnesses.

Brillia and other natural products work without the use of harmful chemicals. They also do not have side effects that are often found with traditional cold and flu meds, like drowsiness or restlessness.

Getting the Essentials

The last thing you want to do if you do get sick is go out shopping for medicine. That is why it is best to prepare and have the essentials already on hand, so you can take them at the first sign of symptoms or on a preventive basis.

Boosting the immune system is the best way to prevent illness, or at least to keep symptoms to a minimum. Vitamin D is excellent, and it is something that should be taken daily.

The sun is the best source, but during the fall and winter months, it does not provide adequate levels. Vitamin D3 supplements are a good substitute.

Along with vitamin D, there are immune support supplements that contain a variety of ingredients, and they are good to have on hand during flu season or for when someone begins to feel under the weather.

It is also good to have remedies on hand for symptom relief. Brillia cough control helps to suppress wet and dry coughs, and it also reduces symptoms such as sore throat, congestion, and chest tightness.

Brillia also offers a flu recovery, which reduces cold symptoms as well as runny nose and body aches. Along with natural supplements to stay healthy, other remedies that help you feel better quickly include a humidifier, hot tea, salt gargles, and clear fluids.

Although prevention is the best medicine, it is not always possible to stop the cold or flu. Homeopathy uses science-backed research to develop a wide variety of remedies. They are effective and chemical-free, which makes them safe to use.

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