10 Best Family Friendly Attractions in Dubai

Al Rawabi Farm

Kids love to experience new things and have an assortment of activities to enjoy. And what better way than to spend time with a family trying new places around the city together. Read on to find out where to go to visit the best family friendly attractions in Dubai.

1. The Green Planet

Green Planet Dubai

Of the many family-friendly attractions in Dubai, The Green Planet is a beautiful tropical forest with several exhibits to visit. Family members of all ages will be able to explore and interact with the many different animals that inhabit this exotic place.

Your kids will enjoy feeding and having encounters with sugar gliders, sloths, and an assortment of other reptiles. You can even attend talks given by the Green Planet biologists and ask them any questions you may have.

2. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium

Are you looking for kids’ activities in Dubai that are fun and unique? Built around the theme of the lost city of Atlantis, this aquarium is home to thousands of species of marine life. Wander around the 10 chambers of wildlife and 20 exhibits and see the magical wonders that this underwater world holds.

Schedule a “behind the scenes” tour where your kids can talk to animal experts and learn the many secrets of what it takes to look after all the aquatic creatures. Would you like to take a deeper look? Sign up for a snorkeling or diving session and get an up-close and personal experience.

3. iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai

Have you ever wanted to have the experience of flying but were too scared? iFly Dubai is an indoor skydiving experience where you can fly without having to jump out of a plane.

Anyone over the age of 3, who is relatively fit and healthy, can sign up for a training session or buy one of the available packages. 10-meter high vertical wind tunnels are what help make it possible for you to float above the ground in the air.

The wind is able to reach 200 km an hour to achieve this truly unique and adrenaline filled activity. Do you want a virtual reality upgrade? Imagine having the same flying experience but adding the VR element so you can pick your preferred location to fly above.

4. Al Rawabi Farm Tour

Al Rawabi Farm

Have you ever wondered what the process of milk to table looks like? This fun and educational tour of the dairy farm involves just that. The tour takes you on the journey of what it looks like to milk each cow and how that milk is preserved and made fresh before it ends up in your kitchen.

You will also get to meet some of the 13,500 cows that are living on this farm and the many ways they keep them safe and happy. You will also get a chance to visit the diary museum as part of this tour.

5. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

The great thing about this beautiful city is that there are endless family friendly attractions in Dubai. Talk about a winter wonderland! Located inside the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is open year-round and is always snowy.

What a perfect getaway from the heat to be able to take your kids to this snow park that spans 22,5000 square meters. You can choose from skiing, snowboarding, zip-lining, zorbing, and tobogganing.

And what would a snow park be without penguins? Your kids will love this part as they can watch the penguins as they march in the snow and play with each other.

6. The Happy Place Studio

Happy Place Studio Dubai

An art studio like no other, this happy place invites people of all ages to come inside and enjoy the rainbow of glittery colors.

Visit this unique and interesting studio with your kids and discover different activities including interactive community installations, arts and crafts workshops, as well as birthday parties and other magical experiences that involve balloons and confetti. There are endless ways for your children to expand upon their creativity and imagination!

7. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Kids activities in Dubai are usually centered on learning, exploring, and discovering new things. This wildlife sanctuary is one of the few protected areas in the surrounding desert zone. Bring the kids to walk around this 6.2 square km sanctuary and explore the many different species of animals and plants located within.

Bird watching is also available in three designated areas that allow you to be hidden but also see the wildlife close up.

8. Dubai Kartdrome

Dubai Kartdrome

Designed with safety in mind, Dubai Kartdrome provides its customers with a different karting experience. Most notably, this is the same venue that hosts the UAE championship karting team. The outdoor track is 1.2 kilometers in length and has an impressive number of twists and turns so that you can practice building your karting and racing skills.

The indoor track is 620 meters long and is designed with younger drivers in mind. This way your kids can practice karting in a safer environment while they still have fun doing an activity they enjoy!

9. Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions Dubai

Prepare to enter this amazing museum filled with intriguing illusions that will leave you wanting more. Once you are inside, your world will be transformed and all your senses will be tested. Bring all your family and friends along for this entertaining and educational journey that is created with all in mind.

Imagine the floor shifting beneath you while you are being told to jump! Or peering into a mirror that distorts your reflection. Your eyes and mind will be deceived and your perception will be questioned. Have fun as you explore what it means to confuse the senses and play tricks on the mind. Welcome to the world of illusion.

10. Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark

Don’t miss out on this family-friendly attraction in Dubai! One of the most popular waterparks, Laguna Waterpark has something for everyone. No matter your age and what you are looking for, there are unlimited opportunities for fun in the water.

Whether you are looking to swim, slide, or surf, you can find those activities and more throughout the park. Aqua Play is one of the many attractions that provide parents and children with a play structure located in the water with slides and plenty of opportunities to splash around.

There are even rare attractions that offer excitement and adrenaline like the WaveOz 180. On the flip side, if you are looking for something more relaxing for you and your family then float along the Lazy River and feel your worries dissolving away.


There are endless opportunities and things to do in Dubai with the whole family. This list is just a snapshot of all the different ways you can explore parts of the city and engage in fun and unique activities and experiences.

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