List of Top 10 Famous Iceland Foods You Must Try While in Iceland

List of Top 10 Famous Iceland Foods

Iceland is known for its beauty and magnificent nature and this amazing place offers so many things that you could enjoy. If you want to experience nature at its best then self-drive tours in Iceland are considered as unbeatable. Do you know why Iceland is among the healthiest countries in the world?

The reason behind this is fresh air and crystal clear water, wild fishes and chemical-free plants that make excellent ingredients for providing the best quality food to you.

Moreover, if you are foody then for feasting your taste buds Iceland offers delicious and amazing traditional food that should be added in your bucket list if you visit Iceland. Other than traditional food, various types of food are very famous and in demand.

To know and discover a wide range of authentic flavors and dishes go through this post.

List of famous Iceland Foods

Roasted Lamb

Sheep found in Iceland is considered to be one of the purest breeds in the world. And they were bought to Iceland in the 9th century. Plus lambs in Iceland are not given grains or growth hormones. They are allowed to roam freely and their diet includes natural grass, sedge, and berries. And the meat supplied in Iceland is considered to be gourmet meat.

People of Iceland cook lamb in a very traditional way by providing a low heat by placing various herbs on it.

Skyr – The Icelandic Yogurt

Skyr is a well-known dairy product in Iceland. It has been added to Icelandic cuisine for thousands of years. This Icelandic yogurt is the same as Greek yogurt with a mild flavor. Local people enjoy skyr with milk, fruit, and berries. Nowadays Skyr has become popular in other countries also and it can be seen in grocery stores of other countries too.

Skyr is a great Icelandic food for traveling as it is filled with protein and is very affordable.

Hakarl – Fermented Shark

Hakarl is a traditional dish in Iceland. The fermenting process of shark takes a long time. Usually, it requires four to five months for drying and it has a very strong smell. This shark is served in the form of cubes on cocktail sticks. If you are going to try this shark for the first time then it is advisable to eat it without actually smelling.

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Nowadays fermented shark is not eaten by the local people. This shark was eaten by people when they did not have refrigeration or any other food options available.

Icelandic Hot Dog

Most of the people who visit Iceland never forget to try this famous Icelandic hot dog. This item has gained popularity worldwide over the years. There is a very famous restaurant BaejarinsBeztuPylsur in Iceland. This place offers the best hot dogs in the whole world. If you visit this place you will find a long queue of people waiting to eat this delicacy.

Plus these hot dogs are available at very affordable prices without breaking your bank. So, now you can easily enjoy your famous Iceland foods without spending too much.

Kjotsupa – Lamb Soup

Lamb soup has been a very popular dish in Iceland for centuries. And this soup is mainly preferred by people in the winter season. This soup is very healthy and is made up of lamb shank, shoulder, potatoes, and carrots. It also contains different types of dried herbs, pepper, leeks, and pepper.

If you are staying at someone’s place in Iceland then there you can enjoy it traditionally. But if you are staying at the hotel then there are several restaurants which provide this lamb soup.

Rugbraud – Dark Rye Bread from Hot Spring

This bread is eaten by Icelanders for many years. Plus Rugbraud is traditionally baked with the help of a pot or steamed in special wooden casks that have been buried in the hot spring. Do you know how this bread looks?

This bread is dark brown and it tastes sweet. It can be enjoyed with butter, salmon, and cheese. There are many grocery stores in Iceland that sell this bread.

Harofiskur – Dried Fish

Harofiskur means a hard fish and it is considered to be Icelandic delicacy. Most of the local people eat this fish with salted butter and bread. If you are on a diet then you should prefer eating it. As it is considered as a healthy option.

Harofiskur is made from cod but sometimes haddock or wolfish are also preferred. For making this fish hygienic it is dried in the cold North Atlantic air until it becomes free from all types of bacteria.

Icelandic Ice Cream

Icelanders love eating ice cream and it doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter. You can find ice cream at all the gas stations, cafes and there are popular ice-cream shops in this area too. Moreover, most of the ice cream parlors are open until late at night. So, you can very easily enjoy ice-cream whenever you feel like having it.

If you have a sweet tooth then you can enjoy a wide range of ice creams with different toppings and sauces. Always make sure to add Icelandic Ice cream in your bucket list.

Bakery Food

There are many local bakery shops present in Iceland. Iceland is known for offering freshly baked bakery with tasty toppings. You must always try Kleina which is a very popular pastry in Iceland. Most of the tourists even pack bakery for their friends and relatives. If you are thinking to visit Iceland in winters then you will find that these shops are flooded with people.

Icelandic Fish

Iceland is known for having 340 species of saltwater fish in its water. Here you will find every type of fish including:

  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Dealfish
  • Capelin
  • Greenland Shark
  • Wolfish
  • Atlantic Catfish
  • Monkfish
  • Lycodes
  • Saithe

Three most popular salmon found in rivers and lakes are:

  • Arctic char
  • Brown trout
  • Atlantic salmon

So, if you are thinking to visit Iceland then never forget to try all these things. And make sure to add all these items in your bucket list so that you don’t miss any of these.

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