10 Fastest Growing Legal MLM Companies in India

MLM Companies in India

MLM marketing is all about selling the products directly to the interested customers and at some point in our life we have all been engaged in MLM selling knowingly or unknowingly. The term Multilevel marketing as become highly popular these days because it offers better profit margins to the sellers.

There are no distributors or wholesalers involved in the process of selling the goods and thus, MLM marketing brings more profits to the salespeople as well as the leaders. Here are the companies that made it big and have become fastest growing MLM companies in India:

Amway India

Amway is the first name in the list because it is one of the oldest companies functioning in India. Amway sells personal and healthcare products through MLM marketing and has spread in more than 34 cities with 140+ sales offices.

The company has gained immense popularity due to the high quality product it sells at reasonable prices. The Amway store consists of more than 150 products and people interested in earning up to 20% profit on each sale, can join the MLM network by registering with the company.


Founded by Sameer Modi, Modicare is an India based MLM company. The company deals with a wide range of products such as healthcare products, personal care products, home and skin care products etc. the marketing and selling strategy of the company is highly appealing where a consultant can purchase any product at 20-25% cheaper rates and can sell the products by earning up to 25% profit on each sale.

The consultants in the network also have the opportunity to grab an additional bonus of 5%-20% depending on the business volume. The consultants also are eligible for additional performance bonuses, leadership bonuses and for director bonus.


Tupperware has reached almost all the homes in India through the high quality plastic containers it sells. Tupperware company was founded in 1948 and is also listed in fortune 500 company list. The company generally targets housewives and women in different professions as their sales consultants and this strategy has worked incredibly for the company.

There are ample of career women and housewives selling Tupperware products in India and this has made it one of the fastest growing legal MLM companies in India.


Altos was founded in Ludhiana India and started while selling only 7 products through MLM channels. Now, the company’s product range has increased and there are 150 products the company offers. Altos has covered a wide range of products such as FMCG products, hair care products, health care products, agriculture aid, natural beauty products, hair and skin treatments etc.


The craze of purchasing natural and herbal products has increased and this made herbalife become one of the most successful and appreciated MLM companies in India. The company’s strategy was to gain customer trust by offering natural products and now it has grabbed the 3rd position for revenue generation in global arena.

In the year, the company generated more than 4billion revenue and is playing strong across various countries. The most popular products of Herbalife are nutritional supplements, sports products, personal care products and the health & energy products.


This Swedish company has a huge network in India and sells the beauty products through MLM. The company however, does not sell its products solely through MLM as interested consumers can also purchase the products from their dedicated website.

For becoming a consultant, interested candidates can get registered and start selling. Once registered, you can get the products at up to 40% discount and sell the products while gaining a higher profit margin.

Forever living

Forever living is a US based firm known for selling high quality aloe vera based products. For becoming a forever living consultant, you have to register yourself, purchase the products at wholesale prices and sell the products at retail price. You can also get leadership bonus or group volume bonus based on your performance.


Avon was founded in the year 1886 and has sold millions of cosmetic products through MLM marketing. The company has crossed the annual revenue of $9billion and is also listed under the fortune 500 company list.

Avon is well established in India and also has sold its products in more than 100 countries. This company sells beauty care products, fragrances, skincare products, and fashion and body products through MLM.

DXN India

DXN is a Malaysian MLM company founded in 1993. The company is highly famous for selling unique and nutritive products. DNX India offers different types of mushrooms, personal care products, food supplements and beverages. The company offers 3 kinds of bonuses, the start bonus, development bonus and leadership bonus to the consultants.

MI lifestyle marketing Global Private LTD

This direct selling company was established in the year 2013 in Chennai and by now it has become one of the fastest growing MLM companies of India. The company deals with lifestyle products for daily use approved by AYUSH. The company grabs revenue of 1500crore and has a wide network of consultants.

The current business revenue of MLM companies in India is to reach 15930 crore and these are some companies that have encouraged multilevel marketing and have now become some of the fastest growing legal MLM companies in India.

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