Tips for Finding the Right Dentist in Chestermere


If you’ve had a toothache, you know it can be unbearable. It starts with a throb but develops into an excruciating pain that renders you helpless. You are constantly reminded of life before the pain and what you wouldn’t do to enjoy it again.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, only one-third of Canadians brush their teeth daily, while about 70% visit a dentist yearly on an average. In fact, a study states that 95% of people suffer from a cavity once in their lifetime.

It’s fascinating to know that most people visit the dentist in Chestermere for dental problems like tooth decay, stained teeth, and dental emergencies like local swelling, painful wisdom teeth and broken fillings.

Because dental issues can be sensitive, it is crucial to find the right dentist and clinic that understands your problems and makes you feel comfortable before proceeding.

So, what are some ways of ensuring that?

What type of services do they provide?

You should start with the obvious question: what kind of dental services does dental care provide? Not all the clinics in Chestermere will offer the same treatment options.

However, it would be better to go with one that provides emergency services, including extracting wisdom teeth, fillings, acute sensitivity, facial swelling, various types of fillings, implants, whitening, and filling in gaps and restoring damaged teeth.

You might also check if they offer ozone treatment, as it’s the best option for periodontal diseases, implants, and extractions.

Do they offer sedation dentistry?

This point needs a separate mention because of the significant importance it occupies. Sedation dentistry is a medical procedure where the patient is put into sedation.

Dentists use four levels of sedation: minimal, moderate, deep, and general via oral, inhalation and intravenous methods.

Ask your dentist if they offer these methods and whether they are appropriate for you. For instance, the oral process is the lightest form of sedation, while inhaling nitrous oxide will keep you euphoric during the procedure.

What type of tooth fillings do they have?

You will require tooth fillings if you have a cavity, broken tooth or old fillings. You can choose from various options like cast gold, amalgams, and tooth-colored composites.

The best option is to select tooth-colored composites because they fit in well with the rest of the teeth without standing out or looking odd.

Because they are made of plastic and ceramic compounds, they are durable, fracture-resistant, and have short-lived sensitivity after the procedure.

Simultaneously, you might also ask them the cost of the filling. In Alberta, fillings cost between 148 CAD$ to 385 CAD$ but depend on several factors, including the tooth’s location and the number of fillings required.

How do they go about assessing the problem?

An experienced dental specialist will take time to understand your problems and only proceed after entirely analyzing them. After assessing the situation, they should present you with the different solutions available.

You should make a decision based on the treatment plan and its cost. It is also helpful if they guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

What are their timings?

It can be incredibly frustrating driving to a dentist’s office and finding it closed for the day or during the weekend. If you require a wisdom tooth to be extracted or are troubled by facial swelling, night pain, broken fillings and chipped front teeth, you will need to visit the dentist immediately.

It would be convenient to know their hours of operation and ask them the available options for emergency visits on holidays.

Do they ask you to fill out patient forms?

Most dental clinics in Chestermere and Alberta will ask you to fill out a consent form for sedation and teeth-related procedures. You will have to mention your name, address, medical history, dental history, and consent to the treatment to be performed by the dentist.

It would be helpful to keep these points in mind while searching for a dentist in Chestermere. Any dental problem can worsen if not attended to in time efficiently and quickly, and that is why it’s vital to find the proper dental care.

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