Fintech Vs. Insurtech – Core Differences

Insurtech vs fintech

The latest technology is dominating every part of the world. Be it the sales, marketing, finance, management, or even the insurance. With the increased reach of the technology, every industry is adopting the same for the convenience it offers.

Financial Technology or Fintech is one of the biggest trends in the market. There are a ton of financial companies that have already adopted the Fintech system and have been working since then.

Not just the Financial companies but the Insurance companies are swiftly moving towards the technology and adopting the InsurTech. Even though the Insurance companies are technically the finance companies, how are they different from one another? What is the core difference between InsurTech and FinTech?

Differences Between InsurTech and FinTech


FinTech, in literal terms, is called “Financial Technology.” In technical terms, Financial Technology refers to the automated systems made for banking and financial purposes. From lending, banking, transfers, payments, and other infrastructural needs, everything is covered in FinTech.

On the other hand, InsurTech refers to the “Insurance Technology.” Just like the FinTech companies, InsurTech covers all the technical aspects of the Insurance companies. From the creation, verification, payments, disbursement, and tracking of the insurance policies, everything is automated and made convenient with InsurTech.


The scope of FinTech is very vast. As our lives are tightly integrated with financial institutions, we are using Financial technology in our day-to-day life. With mobile apps, quick payment transfers, quick loan availability, and many other things, we are using FinTech in our daily life. The scope of FinTech is very high, and we are actually using it effectively and making our lives easier.

In the backend, FinTech has been helping banking and other financial institutions to have convenience. Instead of doing the paperwork, Fintech has helped the companies to streamline the work process and keep everything in tandem.

InsurTech is comparatively a new technology that is helping insurance companies. With the Insurance companies adopting InsurTech, they have the benefits in the backend processing. The Insurance companies had faced a lot of complications in the backend processes like the documentation, processing, payments, issuance, and the claims of the Insurance policies.

With InsurTech, the companies are now enjoying the convenience of the automated process. This helped the customers to have quick insurance policies and cover, and the claims were processed faster than ever.


FinTech and InsurTech both enjoy a stellar future. FinTech is dominating us at the personal level; InsurTech might have limitations in the Future. Not the technological limitations, but the limitations might arise from the user base.

The Insurance industry is not widespread in the world, and people are still refraining from getting insurance due to the lengthy claims process. This is the only limitation InsurTech faces in the future, and FinTech enjoys convenience.

Final Words

Insurance and the Finances are the two most important things one can have in life. Without Insurance and Finance, no one can live a happy life in today’s world. Fortunately, technology has made everything easier than ever.

We tried our best to reduce the confusion between FinTech and InsurTech with these core points. If you are still having some doubts, make sure to use the comment section below.

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