An Ultimate Guide to Flaunting Long Bridesmaid Dresses if the Wedding is in Winter


Dressing for a winter wedding is already quite hard. Dressing up as a bridesmaid can be harder. The pangs of winter rain and chilly weather may create drops of sweat on forehead.

Without thinking twice, you have thought of a long gown. But are you concerned about the sleeves or fabric? Apart from these basic things, are you comfortable in a long dress?

There is a myth that a long gown is ideal for every body type. However, the reality is different.

It does not need to emphasize the role of a bridesmaid. You cannot steal the spotlight of the bride but you need to look quite alluring on the D-day.

Since the bride has decided the dress cut, you are responsible for picking out a dazzling outfit. Only then you can leave your mark, of course, in a subtle way.

If you need special assistance on how to flaunt a long dress, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Cut Influences the Decision

If you are no more than 5’3”, long dresses are never on the top of your list. If a long dress hugs the body well, the dress cut may work perfectly.

Keep the tent, boxy, or balloon out of mind and sight. On the contrary, silk or satin fabric is ideal. It does not matter whether it is an empire waist or conventional waistline; the long dresses are simply the best in hiding baby fat.

Also, the long bridesmaid dresses create an effect of elongated legs. This is ideal for anyone with a petite figure. The effect definitely adds a little height, too.

As a bridesmaid, you need to be careful about the bridal gown. Bring a similarity by choosing the same plunging backs designed with embroidery.

Pay Heed to the Details

Winter is the best time for flaunting long dresses. Now, the holiday season is also the time for adding a little sparkle.

From tiny sequins to soft crystal beading, the details are essential to add the oomph-factor. Bold patterns are not bad for the chilly weather.

The wedding theme calls for gold or silver accent. When the delicate details shine at the reception, the twinkling lights can enhance the whole place’s beauty.

Keeping up with Formal Attire

The long dresses are gorgeous and they make the ideal formal outfit. It is hard to imagine a wedding without drama.

So, when you want to add a little bit of drama, you can rely on sequined or embellished style.

For a draped pattern, rich hues like burgundy or maroon can be the show stoppers. As formal dresses have long hemlines, you are bound to stay warm and cozy.

Ample Collection for the Plus Size

Often, the plus-size beauties struggle to find a glamorous dress. The process is generally more complicated than you could ever imagine.

However, the long dresses are great for the plus-size people. For instance, a fitted fishtail creates a striking appearance. Again, a flowing maxi style is classy and sexy effortlessly.

Select the Fabric

When it is cold out there, the fabric can make or break a deal. When you are posing for the group photos, would like to shiver? If the answer is a big no, focus on the fabric with special attention.

The premium fabrics have the capability to keep you warm under the sky. Of course, the long length helps on a large scale.

So, keep your focus on silk or satin. The rich satin matches the sophisticated theme as well.

If you are all in for looking oh-so-gorgeous just like your bridesmaids, order the newest collection of sexy wedding dresses.

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