6 Best Gifts Ideas For Young Boys On Birthday In Dubai

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It is not always easy to find a birthday present that will satisfy everyone young boy, on a birthday or on some other occasion.

And when the person you want to give a gift to goes through their teenage years, that task will become even more complex.

Before we discussed about handmade gifts ideas for boys, Here we will go through some general gift ideas for Arabs boys living in Dubai. In order not to make the wrong choice, when the time comes, you can base yourself on these gift ideas which are the trendiest of the season.


In 2021, mobile phone accessories, like Logitech gaming mice, and keyboards are popular with teenagers. But on the other side Airpods are also famous, they offer high audio quality to listen to all your favorite music or to make calls while having your hands free.

With silicone tips, you will no longer have to worry about small ailments caused by prolonged use, for example.

Either way, it is always useful to have in your possession an accessory that offers quick and easy adjustment.

In the case of this accessory, the user will be able to adjust the sound with the help of Siri or their iPhone.

2. Couple bracelet:

You’ve realized that your baby isn’t really a baby anymore since he told you he was dating a girl from his school.

Even if you don’t want to see him grow up that fast, you have to make him understand that even if he has grown into a young man, you can still give him gifts that will make him happy.

With the stainless steel couple bracelet, you are not only giving a gift to your son, but also to his sweetheart.

As the name suggests, this is a set of bracelets for two people, both bracelets come in different colors you can select the color that is your son’s favorite.

3. Fancy socks box:

Give socks for a birthday? It may sound strange. And yet, many teenagers particularly appreciate this gift.

Indispensable companion during harsh winters or sports sessions and even for daily use, socks are accessories that must be chosen with care.

Mostly socks box includes a set of 8 to 10 pairs of fancy socks, teenagers can enjoy the comfort and softness of cotton, while enjoying a premium quality that has made the reputation of the brand for several years. The socks are made with 75% cotton, 3% polyester, and elastane.

4. Cap:

The cap is the essential element that allows young people to complete their look. Whether it’s a sporty or casual outfit, teenagers around the world have adopted it.

Yours will also want to be on-trend. Then offer him the inexpensive cap model whose style should praise by great sportsmen and Hip-Hop fans.

Most caps are available in several colors; this accessory is able to meet all expectations.

Most caps are made of 100% polyester, users can enjoy great quality, and also comes with the adjustment tab, the single size is adjustable in 7 notches.

4. Gloves:

In winter as in autumn, the hands of your teenager need to be protected from the bad weather specific to the cold season.

Most gloves are made of high-quality wool, it is an accessory that ensures the comfort of use and also adds a little touch of style to your look.

If softness is a purchase criterion that you cannot overlook, know that it is part of the guidelines for the manufacture of most gloves.

For an even more pleasant use, gloves have antibacterial properties and respect the environment. For those who practice outdoor sports, this accessory is the ideal ally.

5. Elecstars LED bedside lamp:

This LED Touch bedside lamp is a very original gift. Do not be fooled by appearances, because this lamp is unlike any you can see on the market.

The latter can be used as a loudspeaker with a Bluetooth connection, an MP3 player with USB, a night light with 4 different color levels, a hands-free loudspeaker, or a Touch Control LED lamp.

For serene use, the manufacturers have thought of a high capacity battery that can withstand up to 12 hours straight for music and 8 hours for high brightness lighting or 180 hours for low power lighting.

6. The Butt Station Office Supplies

By having the amazing Butt Station on your desktop, you don’t risk stressing for long.

Its unique design makes it very practical. Indeed, it is a multifunction accessory including a notepad, a roll of adhesive tape, a pen, paper clips, etc.

If you plan to give it as a gift for a young boy, you no longer need to budget for the packaging.

In addition, it is suitable for both adults and young people (men or women, girls or boys).

At first glance, we can see the finish which is impeccable. Either way, you will be fully refunded if the product does not suit you.

What budget for a boy’s gift?

You are probably wondering how much money is needed to give a gift to a young or little boy. Know that it depends above all on his age and the type of toy or item you want to buy him.

You can please a child from one to three years old by offering him the best birthday gift, but the price of which generally varies between 10 and 40 euros.

For a boy aged 3 to 12, it will take a larger investment. Prepare between 30 and 100 euros for a birthday gift.

In case it is a gift for a teenage boy, count between 300 and 1200 AED for a customized airpods, a video game or a high tech device.

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