10 Habits to Teach Your Dog for A Happier, Healthier Dog

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Owning a dog is fun and is associated with many benefits. But, without proper training, your dog can learn wrong behavior like begging for food or jumping on visitors.

And this makes dog training a critical part of dog ownership. Some of the simple good dog habits and commands that you teach your dog will make them happy, healthier, and safe. Training will also allow you to bond with your lovely companion.

Here is a list of dog behaviors to train on:

1. Begging for food is a No!

Train your dog not to ask for food and start when they are young. They can quickly learn this habit, but breaking it can be a real challenge.

Your dog may be begging because they don’t get enough food. Give a balanced diet and in the right portions. Your dog is also likely to get anxious around visitors, and you should incorporate CBD for dogs in the dog’s diet. It will make your pet more comfortable and healthier.

2. Discourage biting

Dealing with a biting dog can be frustrating. Every time your dog bites, command them to stop and move away for a while. Take a few minutes before interacting with them again. If you’re consistent with this, it will make your dog realize that fun tops when they bite.

3. What about jumping?

Most people don’t like it when dogs jump on them. A jumpy dog can be dangerous and can scratch others in the process.

Employ the right commands like the “off” command to control your dog and always reward him if he stays calm when greeted by others. Do this consistently, and your dog will ultimately stop the habit.

4. Restrict your dog’s movement

It’s crucial to teach your dog where they should walk and where they shouldn’t. Although most dogs hate walking in the mud where they will get soiled, others love to roll in the mud.

Teach your dog not to do this and examine the ears, eyes, nose, and legs regularly. By so doing, you’ll notice and handle any issues early enough, and this will keep your pet healthy and happy.

5. House-training

Some dogs eliminate anywhere in the house, and this can mess your home and furniture. To avoid this, train your dog where to eliminate.  Confine them in a crate at night and a tiny space during the day, until they learn how to use this place consistently.

Take your dog to the potty area often and show them ring the bell and inform you in case of an urge to go out. Use some phrases whenever your dog eliminates, and they’ll eventually learn good dog habits.

6. Stop chewing!

Limit their movement to a small section, acquire a crate, and train the dog how to use it. Also, teach your pet on what they should chew and what they should avoid. If you find your dog biting something that you’ve already prohibited, take it away.

But, when the pet begins chewing the rawhide, praise them, and this will reinforce the behavior. Keep encouraging good dog behavior, and your pet will eventually stop.

7. Teach leash manners

Train your dog how to walk with a loose leash. They shouldn’t pull you while walking or lunge to the end of the strap. Use a long one of about six feet long and avoid a retractable one. Although it may take time to establish good leash manners, this will ensure that you and your dog stay safe.

8. Travel manners

In most cases, you’ll have to move with your pet, and this includes a trip to the vet, a walk down the stress, or traveling outside the country. The safety of your pet and people around is crucial, and you should have the appropriate restraint.

It would be best if you also had a pet carrier when traveling for long distances. Do a few test runs, and this ensures that your dog gets used to leaving the house. Good travel behavior ensures that the tip is enjoyable and less stressful.

9. Don’t pull!

Your dog can easily pull you off balance as you walk, and it’s crucial to control your pet. Have the dog the left, walk briskly, and talk to your dog as you walk. Take advantage of the walk to train your dog. Try the” walk, treat, and go” and do this until your pet can keep pace with you consistently.

10. Barking at guests

Some dogs have the habit of baking as you welcome visitors to your home. To stop this, redirect your do to “sit-stay” or down-stay” position before opening the door.

Welcome your visitors with some treats and give some to the dog once they are calm and seated. This way, you help your dog to associate visitors with kind behaviors.

The bottom line

Pet training is the foundation of good behavior, and there are many good dog habits to teach your dog. Take time to train your pet on simple practices like where to walk, not to chew, leash manners, avoiding biting, and many more. This way, your dog will not only behave well but will be happier and healthier.

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