Top 15 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girls Need to Know

Top 15 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girls Need to Know

Having beautiful hair is something we all dream of, but oftentimes, we find it hard to achieve it because of our tight schedules and rushed lifestyle routines. Fortunately, we have found some super-simple hairstyling hacks that can be done within minutes. Hopefully, after reading this post, we can all change the way we look and feel, particularly towards our locks.

1. Achieve gorgeous curls with the right tools and products.

Beachy waves are definitely show-stealers. But did you know that the secret to achieving this hairstyle simply lies in the products and tools you use? Yes, by using a hairstyling spray and a curling iron, you can achieve gorgeous curls that have lots of appeal and volume!

2. Clean your hair brushes.

We all have our own fair share of bad beauty hair care habits. However, the most common one is using a dirty hair brush. Because you use your hair brush every day, germs, conditioner, oils, and dust may have built-up on it. So if you use it without cleaning it, then you are likely leaving a negative impact on your hair.

Make sure you take care of your hair brush. Clean it regularly, not only to extend its lifetime, but also to keep bacteria from forming.

3. Use a hairspray and a toothbrush to combat frizz.

If you think you are using hairspray to combat frizz the right way, then think again. Use a little and it won’t make any difference. Use too much and your hair will end up stiff. To ensure frizz won’t stand a chance, spritz your favorite hairspray to an old toothbrush and slowly run it over your flyaways.

4. Use dry shampoo at night.

Do you want to save time in the morning before going to school or work? Then you might want to use dry shampoo before going to bed. The dry shampoo will work its magic through your strands overnight. As a result, you wake up to a healthy-looking hair.

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5. Know where to start curling.

When curling your strands, be sure to start from the middle. Believe it or not, this will help keep your waves stay longer.

6. Keep your hairstyle intact using cool air.

Styling your hair? Do not just depend on using the warm air from your blow dryer. Set the dryer to cool and alternate it with warm air. You will be surprised at how intact your hairstyle by doing that.

7. Braid your wet hair at night to achieve beautiful curls in the morning.

If you wish to avoid using a hair blower in the morning, you can braid your hair at night after you take a shower. And then, leave them on while you sleep. When you wake up, undo the braids and spray your favorite texturizing spray for an added bounce.

8. Create an illusion of volume using the two-ponytail trick.

To make your hair appear fuller, tie the upper half of your hair and put it into a high ponytail. After that, tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Finally, tie both ponytails together, making sure you create one high ponytail.

9. Make your hair appear shinier using a boar bristle brush.

According to haircare experts, using a boar nylon bristle brush while blow drying will help move the natural oils from your scalp to the tips. Hence, the hair will appear shinier and more beautiful.

10. Do not rub your hair with a towel.

When drying your hair with a towel, never ever rub it. It will only cause frizz. If possible, simply pat it with a cotton towel to remove the excess moisture.

11. Apply hairspray using your hands.

Do no recklessly spritz hairspray all over your hair. Instead, spray it on your hands first and run it through your strands. That way, you won’t achieve an overly stiff look.

12. Use a flat iron to achieve beautiful curls.

If you want to have beautiful curls, braid your hair first. The smaller the braid, the smaller the curls. Next, flat iron those braids and undo them once you’re done.

13. Achieve a voluminous hairstyle overnight with a bit of volumizing gel.

First, make sure you wash your hair at night. Then, apply a bit of volumizing gel and tie it up into a bun before going to sleep. In the morning, blow dry your hair while still in the bun. Once you’re done, let your hair down. You’ll be happy to see your bouncy, voluminous hair.

14. Use natural oils.

Once in a while, use natural oils onto your hair. Massage them gently, but make sure you don’t over apply. Doing so will help give your hair the moisture and conditioning it needs.

15. Create the perfect twisted bun.

Do you know how to achieve a perfect twisted bun? Simply divide your hair into two pigtails. Braid each pigtail and wrap each braid together. Secure them using some Bobby pins.

Try these hairstyling hacks today and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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