What are the Various Advanced Heart Treatments Offered at Cardiac Hospitals in Kolkata?

Heart treatment

The human heart is an advanced machine with so much sophistication of its own. It is one of the best machines in the world that works tirelessly for hours together and for many decades. Taking care of the heart is of paramount importance as it serves as the very foundation of human functions.

Without the heart, none of the organs and body parts would receive any fresh oxygen and blood, and that too within a few seconds. The heart hospital in Kolkata has some of the most advanced technologies and heart specialists who help those who are suffering from heart diseases by providing advanced care and medicine for a better life.

There are many innovative technologies and innovations in the medical world that help heart patients to improve their quality of life.

Heart Disorders

There are many kinds of issues that can plague the heart. Most of these are attributed to poor heart health because of high cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is a harmful substance that coats the arterial wall and reduces the amount of blood that flows through them.

It can block the arteries and cut down the supply of oxygen to the blood causing heart attacks. Cardiac arrest is another common occurrence where the heart suddenly stops functioning because of the improper electrical pulsation of the heart. Weakening of the heart muscle is the primary reason for Cardiac arrests alongside the imbalance of electrical signals.

The valves of the heart can also develop problems due to age, obesity, and general weakness of the heart. There could be small blocks in the arteries of the heart which could lead to heart attacks. Strokes are also possible as a result of heart attacks in human beings.

These are some of the issues that people face because of the human heart and the underlying conditions such as High blood sugar, cholesterol, and obesity. Age is also an undeniable factor and the fact that men are more prone to heart diseases than women in general.

Advanced Heart Treatments in Cardiac Hospitals

There are many advanced types of heart treatments that are now available in some of the best heart hospitals in Kolkata. There are heart specialists such as Cardiologists and Cardiovascular surgeons who can administer advanced treatments and provide intensive care for heart patients in India. Some of the advanced types of treatments and surgeries that are done are mentioned below:

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

An advanced yet common method of inserting a new artery from any other body part and bypassing a clogged artery. This method helps in treating the blocked arteries with a bypass route for fresh blood.

Heart Valve Replacement

Replacing a healthy valve in place of a weakened or damaged valve to restore the valve function. These valves are made from heart tissue or from animals. Small balloons are sometimes used to widen the valve opening with a catheter.

Insertion of Pacemaker

Insertion of a pacemaker is another common advanced heart surgery that helps in balancing the arrhythmia of the heart and helps the heart in maintaining the rhythm with electrical signals and impulses.

Total Artificial Heart (TAH) and Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

An artificial heart replaces the lower chambers and helps in maintaining normal heart function. Ventricular Assist Device is sometimes used to help the heart pump blood more efficiently.

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