HOUSE, A HOME: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Keep Your House Clean

Reasons to keep your house clean

Being tidy when it comes to your own stuff is one of the first and one of the most important steps to becoming a responsible person. When you know how cleanliness looks and feels, you know it’s not just any mandatory rule to clean, but a life necessity!

Your house means a lot to you, and its role for you and your family is a shelter that covers and protects. Without a house, everything’s totally different, and without a doubt, life’s full of chaos, uncertainty, and danger too.

As mentioned earlier, cleanliness is important, and you must realize that it always starts at home. It starts with you and in your own place. So, I’ll recommend these 51 genuine cleaning tips for your home.

Keeping your house clean is essential because it increases the vibration of your home in several ways. Below are 5 of them.

1. More Productivity

More Productivity in cleaning house
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A clean house makes bad things good, if not bearable, and makes good things better!

More work can be done at home when it’s clean, when stuff is not just thrown around the house, when you know how to organize things properly.

There’s a tendency that when you see your house dirty, you lose the mood and the energy to do everything else. In short, a house that’s not maintained hygienically ruins a good mood and wrecks a good day.

Admit it or not, it’s easier to function when the surroundings are clean. It makes you productive, active and motivated.

Even if the chore you’re going to do is also cleaning a certain part of the house, you actually need the push, especially if you don’t regularly do it and if you’re not best at it.

The house gets messy, and that’s inevitable, however, you must know when irresponsibility and idleness are the culprits. Also, you would not have a hard time cleaning the house if the dirt and trash are not all around.

Everyone must know how to clean. And of course, everyone’s trash must be thrown properly and not unnecessarily hidden just in any corner. Cleaning actually affects productivity within your house.

2. Comfort Comes After Cleanliness

Comfort Comes After Cleanliness
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Your house is where your home is. There’s no place like it on earth for you and your family. No rest that’s the same as that you can experience within your own home can be found anywhere else.

You may be comfortable to be in some places, but being in your own home is a whole different thing. It’s unmatched. When your house is clean and well-maintained, all these are your realizations.

Cleanliness precedes comfort. When you love cleanliness, you will be comfortable to be there, and you will hate dirty surroundings as you should.

Moreover, it will be convenient to stay and to do the things you need and want to do in a place that’s in a likable condition. You can sleep peacefully, eat happily and live properly with comfort that comes after cleanliness.

3. Habit Involves Health

Habit Involves Health

Because of crazy pollution and a population that congests the streets, many sicknesses circulate all over in different parts of the world. Add unhealthy lifestyles of humans, and you get a combo of everything that shortens people’s lives nowadays.

Outside your house is a world that’s full of things that can harm your health. That’s true, however, even when you’re inside, you can still get affected and ill. One way is by having an unhygienic house.

A shelter is highly important for a family. In many ways, it veils you against unfavorable circumstances caused by weather, its changes and many more.

Within it is where you stay most of the time and in your most comfortable clothes and positions. That means it’s your comfort zone, so make sure it really is a comfort, not just by what is seen but also by what is felt and experienced in it. Your habitat involves your health.

4. Long-Lasting House

Long Lasting House
Pexels – Luis Yanez

When you check out your house to clean it, you discover the nasty areas. You work hard to clean them, or you ask people to have them cleaned for you.

Especially if it’s a general house cleaning, you see to it that you scrutinize every corner of the house to make sure that everything’s covered.

The bonus benefit of that is you are also able to do a checkup of your house’s structures. Are there cracks on the walls? Are floor tiles still fully grouted and complete?  Are the roofs’ gutters functioning right? Are the wallpapers’ colors fading? You will be able to answer these questions and more.

Cleaning your house actually helps strengthen and extend its lifespan. Certain house materials are negatively affected and turn brittle, specifically when dirt, dust, and mold accumulate and grow.

That’s the same when pests also come in the way. You might need home cleaning and repair experts for the outcomes of these. If your house has custom home designs, you might need to contact your custom home builder for changes needed to be done. They would know better.

5. Your House is Reflection

Your house is reflection
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When your house is clean, it is presentable, thus, you will not hesitate to invite your friends over. If they want to visit you, you will not stop them from doing so because your house is always ready for any lovely guest! You become proud of your house when it’s clean.

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You never want to be embarrassed about owning a disordered and unsanitary house. It actually becomes humiliating when you have all the resources, the time and the ability to clean it but you choose not to.

Being hygienically responsible starts with having the initiative to give your house a smart appearance.

People who will see and/or enter will definitely appreciate cleanliness inside your house. It will make them know and understand more about you.

Your house tells a lot about who you are because it is a reflection of yourself. It’s a reflection of the people living in it.


Even if your house is small, if it is clean, it is an ideal place to live in. It’s a place where you can rest, relax and enjoy it too! Having a big house is incomplete when you’re lacking action to make it a worthwhile place to be in.

The right thing is that regardless of the house size and the prices of the materials and everything else, you must know that cleanliness should be a top priority and an inevitable aspect to bear in mind for yourself, for the people dear to you and for the house itself.

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