How to Embrace Your Natural Beauty on the Beach

beauty on the beach

When preparing for a vacation, especially one that will take you out of the state or even abroad, there are numerous considerations to consider before you start planning your holiday wardrobe.

The most important thing, however, is that you feel confident (both on the inside and on the outside) in what you are wearing and more specifically, relaxing and soaking in the sunshine in your swimwear.

So, with that being said, read on to discover how to embrace your natural beauty on the beach.

Learn Your Core Body Type

Whether you carry a few more pounds than you would like or are stressed at work and have dropped to a weight you are not entirely comfortable with, your body type will never change, no matter how trim you are.

Knowing your body type will do wonders for you when it comes to choosing clothes, both ones you already own in your closet and also on a pre-vacation shopping spree, with the different core body types being as follows:

  1. Apple: When you carry more weight on your waist and have trimmer legs
  2. Hourglass: When your weight is evenly distributed on the top and bottom halves
  3. Pear: Narrower shoulders and wider hips and thighs
  4. Inverted Triangle: A larger bust and waist area and smaller legs and hips
  5. Rectangular: A trim and narrow top and bottom with little to no curves

Book Yourself in for Laser Hair Removal

`if you are not already familiar with laser hair removal, then it is time to get involved, as this method of ridding your body of any and all unwanted hair (nobody wants an unkempt bikini line) is quick, painless and considerably longer lasting than shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams.

Book an initial consultation for laser hair removal in Reno Nevada. You will be informed of the huge advantages of this type of treatment over other hair removal methods and have the opportunity to have any queries answered then and there.

Accessories Are Everything

The secret to both looking and feeling confident and comfortable on the beach is far less related to the color and style of the swimsuit or bikini you choose and much more connected to how you style it.

Accessories, ideally bright and bold colors that are light to wear and will not run or stain after sweating in the sun or swimming in the ocean, such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets can add interest and statement to even the most basic black one-pieces.

Book Be Kind to Yourself

If you are not already Even the popular saying ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’ is no bad idea; for a couple of days before you fly, in order to keep your stomach from becoming bloated, starving yourself just before vacation is absolutely pointless.

Instead, strive to live a healthy life with a balanced diet, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and, of course, drink plenty of water to give yourself enough energy to be able to enjoy your well-earned vacation to the full.

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