How to Liven Up Your RV Interior?


The acronym for a recreational vehicle is an RV. Most of them are about ten feet tall and nine feet wide, on average. They are used as living quarters while traveling.

All RVs have amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. A major part of your time is spent inside the vehicle. You could have friends over or throw a party.

A bright and attractive look will give off good vibes. Colorful and harmonious colors will cheer you up the moment you enter it. Even small changes or touches to your RV interior will have a dramatic effect. Here are some tips you can use.

Consider Giving It a Coat of Paint

Painting is an excellent way of modifying the feel of your inside space. The process itself could be tiring and expensive. But the rewards will be worth it. You should paint the shelves, cabinets, dinette, and ceiling.

Most of the interior walls of an RV are made from luan plywood sheets. They also have a wallpaper texture attached. Instead of removing that, paint over it carefully. Before applying the paint, get any repairs done beforehand. You could also clean the surface with a degreaser.

A bonding primer will also be helpful if the walls are made of vinyl-covered plywood. In the final stage, you should apply two coats of paint. If all this seems daunting, get a painter to do the job.

Add a Beautiful Wallpaper

A wallpaper will liven up your inside like nothing else. The easiest way is to use a peel and stick wallpaper for your RV. It is easy to apply and takes less time. Choose a color palette of subtle stone or weathered wood.

However, you will need some cutting and adjusting around the windows and doors area. For non-removable wallpapers, go with light-toned instead of dark ones. Floral to geometric patterns usually work best. If you want a classic look, select shiplap or faux-wood designs.

Use Functional Furniture

Some people prefer using traditional furniture for their RV. For that, you should have the correct dimensions. If they are too big and heavy, it could be a problem later on. You might also not be able to bring them in.

The best option is to use IKEA furniture. It is stylish, lightweight, and functional. They also come disassembled and can quickly be brought inside. The company also has multi-purpose furniture like sleeper sofas with storage space underneath.

Use Plenty of Curtains

If your RV has valances, replace them with curtains. They will lend a cozy appearance and are great for bedrooms. Choose a fabric based on what you want. Thicker materials will provide more privacy, while lighter ones will allow the maximum entry of light. It is best to buy the fabric by yard measurement.

That way, you will save money and can use the leftover material for other purposes. You will need to mount the heavier curtains on rods. To fix the rods, drill some holes and attach a string to the rod. Another option is Velcro, which is easy to attach and remove.

These are some ways you can liven up your RV interiorand ensure it has a cheery vibe. Even though these are minor changes, they will bring about a significant transformation in the overall appearance.

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