How to Make Your Wedding a Less Formal Affair


Weddings, by their very nature, are generally very formal affairs. Everyone, guests as well as the wedding party, are dolled up to the nines, all feeling very uncomfortable in clothing that they have either hired or have not worn since the last formal event.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you do not want it to be. Although some people like any excuse that they can find to get dressed up, others either cannot afford it or feel underdressed, even in their most glamourous of frocks.

It is your day, and if you feel that you would like a more casual dress code, then you should write as much on the invitations that you send out.

#1 Dress Down

There are lots of simple and very attractive bridal gowns on the market today and it is not frowned upon in any way to move away from the whole white dress look for the bride.

Nowadays, is it highly acceptable to wear any color dress or suit regardless of whether you are the bride or the groom. Or, for that matter, for the groom to have an attractive waistcoat and smart trousers, rather than the full uncomfortable dinner suit.

#2 Loose Hand-Tied Flowers

Another way to promote a casual look is to have hand-tied flowers, rather than a fixed bouquet for the bride to carry and have vases of loose flowers, rather than those arranged using an oasis and hours of a florist’s time. Even when you get to your wedding venue, you could have a few stems per table in a small vase as a table decoration.

#3 Wedding Venue

With so many places now having wedding licenses and, therefore, able to perform the wedding ritual, you don’t even have to get married in a church. This means that to keep your wedding casual, you could, for instance, exchange your vowels on a football ground, on the grounds of a hotel, mansion, or even on the beach, if you so wanted to.

#4 Relaxed Wedding Breakfast Venue

To further the idea of a causal affair you will want an after-wedding venue that also has relaxed vibes. Rather than hire a function room in a top-class hotel to have your wedding breakfast in and possibly your after-food party, you could hire one of the pubs in Maroochydore for an exclusive function. This will provide your guests with highly desirable food and beverages in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day is exactly that – your day. So, as long as you and your partner agree on what you would like to happen and whereabouts you would like it to happen, then nobody else should have a say in the matter.

However, as most weddings do involve two families, you will likely have to compromise some of your ideas, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a casual wedding day, rather than a formal one.

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