Are iMovie Alternatives Capable of Meeting Your Expectations?


Video editing is a full-time profession that is growing day by day. Be it digital marketing or content creation, there are numerous applications for video editing in today’s social media culture. However, there is a vast difference between editing an Instagram reel and making a video advertisement or digital movie.

You need strong video editing skills and tools to create a unique cinematic experience for your audience. iMovie is regarded as one of the best video editing applications in the market because it has a number of exclusive features, customization tools, and effects. However, it is only available for Mac and iOS users. Therefore, iMovie download for Windows is not possible.

Apple Inc., the company that manufactures Mac and iOS devices, will never make iMovie available for Windows and other processors. Do you know why?

Apple wants to make its users accustomed to its software and applications and keep it restricted to its products so that people cannot switch or shift to other devices. Put simply, what you get on Mac or iOS, you won’t get on Chromebooks, Windows, or any other operating systems.

Therefore, Android, Windows, and other operating system users need alternative software to carry out video editing tasks.

What are some of the basic features that any video editor would want in a video editing software?

  • Picture in picture
  • Split screen
  • Green screen editing
  • Slow-motion effect
  • Themes
  • Backgrounds
  • Audio edits
  • Cropping
  • Increasing and decreasing the speed
  • Screencasting
  • Colour correction, grading, and matching
  • 360-degree video editing and much more.

Rather than simply comparing features offered by each video editing software, it would be best to consider certain other factors instead, while making your decision.

There are hundreds of applications, but do you think that all applications are worth it? Some editing software is way too expensive, and they do not provide enough sources to give you editing freedom. While you are still searching for video editing software, consider the following factors before putting your money in them.

What is the Price?

Nobody wants to waste money on applications that do not give them satisfaction. Besides, just because an application is expensive does not necessarily mean you will get better features.

For example, Filmora is a decent video editing application, but it is slightly overpriced in comparison to other video editing software. However, the cheaper options seemingly have better reviews. So, it’s important to look at the quality of the software and the features it offers rather than just looking at the price.

It should provide quality customer support

If your software crashes while you’re editing a long video, you will want immediate support from the customer support team. The urgency increases if you’re working on a deadline. It may not be ideal to have to speak to a customer service representative to resolve the issue, but you will want to make sure that they do have a reliable customer support team for you to get in touch with if the situation arises.

Are the responses and reviews positive or negative?

Be an aware investor. Don’t decide without comparing and understanding the responses and reviews of the software. There are plenty of online blogs and websites where you can find reviews about various video editing software.

When you are searching for alternatives for iMovie download for Windows, you must thoroughly check the reviews to understand what kind of experience the customers have had in the past. Based on their response, you can decide for yourself.

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