How to Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Marketing Game?

Instagram Marketing

Why is Instagram becoming the most used social media platform? The reason is simple. Instagram is easier to browse. It attracts a younger crowd and is a dream-come-true for most marketers. The introduction of the in-app shopping feature has given businesses a new platform to sell. If you know how to use it properly, Instagram marketing can be a powerful source for your brand marketing

From services, like Spectrum packages, to brands, like Luis Vuitton, everyone is trying to get the most out of it. This blog aims to show you some of the best tactics you can apply to your brand.

According to Sprout Social, 70% of Instagram hashtags are “branded”. This shows just how many businesses are currently active on the platform. If you aren’t, your competitors likely are. There are many ways you can improve your Brand’s Instagram marketing.

Here are 8 tips you can use to get the most out of Instagram, for your brand.

8 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Marketing

Most businesses find it feasible to invest in developing a solid Instagram marketing strategy. The platform gives them access to nearly 800 million active monthly users, 500 million of which are active daily. With the right strategy and content, Instagram offers tremendous potential for businesses.

Here are 8 tactics you can use to better your Instagram platform:

  1. Make Use of Instagram’s Posting Options
  2. Know When to Post
  3. Post Engaging Content
  4. Hashtags and Geotags are Your Best Friends
  5. Get in Touch with Influencers
  6. Stay Consistent
  7. Stick to a Theme
  8. Select Good Content

#1. Make Use of Instagram’s Posting Options

Instagram offers different ways you can post content. There are paid post and organic posts; that’s all pretty basic stuff. Under their organic post options, they do offer you multiple ways to share. You can use the regular posting option, which would come up in the normal feeds page. While its good to post that way, you should also try to post content in your Instagram Stories feed. Going Live is also a good option to engage consumers.

#2. Know When to Post

It is important to know your audience. Spend time and resources to understand when your target audience is most active on the platform. That is the right time to post. Posting content earlier pushes your post further down the feeds page. You can also use third-party apps to help schedule your posts in advance.

#3. Post Engaging Content

Social media marketing strategies are very different from traditional media strategies. Traditional media still lets you get away with purely promotional content and one-sided communication. Posting generic and dull posts is not going to work well for you on Instagram. Social media allows you to directly engage your consumer, so do it. Posting content that is relevant to your audience is a sign of a good marketing strategy.

#4. Hashtags and Geotags are Your Best Friends

Hashtags, if you don’t already know, are like keywords you can link with your post. When a user searches for something, your post gets picked up. Use as many relevant hashtags as possible. But remember to hashtag responsibly.

Geotags are location tags you set with your image. Posts with geotags reportedly perform 79% better than those without. Whenever possible, geotag your posts to give them an extra boost.

#5 Get in Touch with Influencers

Influencers are people who have a substantial following of social media. People trust their opinions and listen to what they have to say. Businesses get in touch with relevant influencers and collaborate to promote their products. If you don’t have experience in dealing with influencers, it’s best to hire someone who does. They can ensure your influencer strategies stay organic.

#6. Stay Consistent

Posting consistently takes long-term planning. It will pay off in the end. By posting content regularly, you are building a good relationship with your customer. If you post regularly, you will stay in the user’s mind as a brand that is here to stay. Staying consistent with your posts is a great way to cement your presence in your consumer’s mind. They are likely to eventually browse your products if you stay in their line of vision long enough.

#7. Stick to a Theme

Sit down with your marketing department and finalize a theme for your profile wisely. You need to stay true to your theme throughout your posts. Your theme will be a big factor in attracting your target audience. If you are a fashion brand, decide if your content will have a luxury theme, or a rugged outdoors theme. The options are nearly endless. But know that once you have selected a theme, it is going to be difficult to change it down the line.

#8. Select Good Content

Selecting your content is key. If you don’t have good quality pictures, viewers are just going to scroll past and not give you a second glance. Invest in good photography or use a higher standard for selecting pictures from platforms like Getty Images.

Instagram also allows you to post videos. It is advisable to post videos regularly. But remember that this is not YouTube and not everyone has Spectrum Internet Ultra. Posting long and heavy videos would be a wasted exercise as users would simply move on. Keep your video posts short and manageable.

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