8 Tips to Keep Your Office Hygienic in Summer Season

summer office cleaning

During the summer season, you have to take care of office hygiene and cleanliness because hot and humid ambiance provides a perfect atmosphere for the breeding of harmful microbes, pests, and molds.

You should tell your in-house cleaning staff that they clean the workplace twice a day. It is very important to deep clean the office because sunlight beams make the dirt more visible. So, get ready with cleaning tools like a battery backpack vacuum cleaner to maintain office hygiene.

In this post, we will discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to maintain hygiene at the workplace:

1. Maintain Clean Desk

Our desk accumulates dust but it more visible when sunshine, especially in summer. Therefore, you should maintain your desk clean and free from dust. Everything should be properly organized. A clean office not just looks visually appealing but also increases productivity and makes you feel calm.

You should instruct your in-house clean staff to regularly clean all desks with a clean cloth. After that, clean all the surfaces with a commercial battery backpack vacuum cleaner and finally wipe it with a wet mop. Also, motivate your employees to keep their desks organized and free from clutter.

2. Pay Some Attention To Walls

Most workplaces have the light-colored walls, therefore, here is a high probability that dust and marks appear on them. Your office walls should be cleaned with the wet cloth.

If your budget allows, they give it a fresh coat of paint. After painting your walls, drops of paint will fall over the surface. Therefore, you should clean the floor with a broom and rinse it with clean water.

3. Do Not Store Food

During summer you should instruct your employers to do not store food overnight in your office. It can be risky! Maybe your office is air-conditioned but still is a high probability that your food becomes rotten and smelly.

Smelly food items can attract harmful germs and spread diseases. All employers should either finish their entire food or throw leftovers in bins.

4. Regular Carpet Cleaning

The carpet fiber can accumulate a huge amount of dust and dirt, therefore, they can form an ideal platform for molds, dust mites and allergens, especially in the summer season. Therefore, your in-house team members should clean the carpet while cleaning the office floor.

You should provide a battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner to your cleaning staff members for efficient carpet cleaning. In case you are a carpet is highly soiled, then you can hire special commercial carpet cleaning professionals. They will deep clean your carpet with special tools and a cleaning solution.

5. Distribute The Responsibility

Maintaining hygienic and cleanliness at the office is not just the responsibility of the in-house cleaning team. But, all employees should be part of this. It is a good idea to distribute the responsibility of cleanliness supervision to your employees. You can also transfer the responsibility to another member every week.

To motivate your employees by announcing awards for the best supervision.  This way you can avoid unattended messes and maintain clean office all the time.

6. Maintain Clean Office Before Holiday

Do not leave the mess for Monday morning. In-house cleaning team members have to clean the office thoroughly before the holidays.

Nobody will like to enter in a dirty and stressful work environment. After taking a relaxing break, the cluttered office will ruin everything and make you feel stressed again.

Make sure that your office is thoroughly cleaned. Moreover, the summer season will immediately lead to the generation of harmful microbes, dust mites, and allergens. If you want to keep your workplace healthy and clean, then it should be cleaned before vacation.

7. Disinfect Toilets

The clean toilets are very important to maintain hygiene, otherwise, they can spread diseases and make your employees sick. That will automatically affect the productivity of your business. Therefore, you should hire cleaning staff who are specialized in toilet cleaning and disinfect.

8. Clean Cafeteria

An office cafeteria is a place where all employees have their meal, tea, coffee or snacks. That means there will leftovers on the table and surface. It should be cleaned regularly after lunchtime.

For optimal and quick cleaning provide a battery-operated backpack vacuum cleaner to your cleaning staff. After clearing the cafeteria with a vacuum cleaner, you should finally wipe the surface with a wet mop.

Final Words

During summer, make sure that your office space is hygienic and well maintained. The clean office not just helps in maintaining a neat and clean office but also helps in maintaining a healthy environment.

The clean office can provide stress-free space and also increase the productivity of employees. The above-mentioned tips will help you to keep your workplace tidy and organized during summertime.

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