Everything You Need to Know about Gift Cards

gift cards

Do you love getting gifts for your loved ones but dread picking the wrong thing? If so, then gift cards could be the answer. But there is more to a gift card than first meets the eye. In this post, we will look at what you need to know about the different types of gift cards.

We’ll run you through the incredible range of businesses you can spend them in and how to maximize the personal touch. After all, nothing beats a heartfelt gift.

Who uses gift cards?

The good news is that more businesses than ever now use gift card schemes – including all the biggest brands. Indeed, there are probably more companies, businesses, and places offering gift cards than you could possibly think of! Here, are just some of the sectors where you can treat someone with a gift card:

GardenGamingStreaming services
TechnologyExperiencesHealth and Wellbeing


Ultimately, if you have an idea for a gift, there will be a gift card you can find to match what you have in mind. Indeed, with brands like Apple, Amazon, eBay, and even Netflix offering gift cards, you never have to limit the generosity of your gift.

Surprising things about gift cards

Have you been using gift cards for years? Or are you excited to get into this gifting game for the first time? In any case, there’s more to gift cards than first meets the eye:

  • They were invented in 1994 by someone called Neiman Marcus.
  • Gift cards are almost always high up on gifting wish lists. Indeed, year after year they rank as the top gift request in surveys for the National Retail Federation.
  • Gift cards start from as little as $5.
  • People usually spend more than the gift card value, giving you a gift with even greater reach.
  • It’s as easy as pie to gift with a gift card without getting up from your couch.
  • You can get them digitally or in a plastic card form.
  • Gift cards can be bought in almost any currency, including BitCoin!
  • You can send gift cards by text or email.
  • They can be stored in secure digital wallets.
  • Some gift cards can be used in multiple stores!
  • You can even choose gift cards that allow the receiver to choose which store to spend them in.
  • The design of some gift cards can be completely personalized.

How to give gift cards the personal touch

People often assume that a gift card doesn’t show a personal touch. But some people are just impossible to buy for! However, aside from saving loved ones on the hassle of replacing something they don’t want or have already, the assumption that gift cards aren’t personal is also a huge mistake.

Indeed, there are numerous ways to give a gift card a personal touch:

  • Choose a gift card that lets you have a photo printed on the card.
  • Design the gift card yourself.
  • Include a personal message that comes straight from the heart.
  • Pick the present you would have chosen for the person. Then see if they choose it for themselves! Just try not to be disappointed when you find out they didn’t.
  • Choose the most extravagant gift wrap for your gift card.
  • Order the gift card to your house and wrap it yourself. You could even wrap it in a handmade box that they can use again and again.
  • Some companies allow you to send a personalized animation when sending a gift card by email showing the card being unwrapped.

Gift cards don’t have to be a last resort because you haven’t thought about a present. In fact, with them found on most people’s wish lists year after year, they are actually one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to take the easy route. And there are numerous ways that you can add the personal touch to a gift card. Show someone you care by going the extra mile with a gift card that tells them what they mean to you.

The internet is your gifting oyster…

Ever heard the phrase that the world is your oyster? Well, with a gift card, you can open up the world of gifts to your loved ones. No matter what they are into, there will be a gift card for them. And the best part is that it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

With numerous ways to personalize gift cards, there’s never been a better time to make someone smile with a gift card!

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