How To Know Your Zodiac Sign By Date of Birth

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign By Date of Birth

The word, Zodiac Sign surely rings a bell in our head. It tells you about your Sun signs. Sun signs are nothing but the zodiac houses in which the Sun was when you were born.

Astrological signs incorporate your Star sign, Moon Sign, Sun sign, ascendant sign and many more.

Ever wondered how to know your Zodiac sign?

You can know your Zodiac Sign by date of birth, place or by the seasons.

The most popular one is the one by date of birth. These requirements are universal for Western Astrology, Indian Astrology and Eastern Astrology.

You just have to know your

  • Date of birth,
  • Time of birth,
  • Place of birth and
  • Sometimes the exact latitude and longitude position of your birthplace.

Indian Astrology is a system slightly different from the Western Astrology.

Western Astrology is all about the position of the Sun in relation to the Zodiac constellations.

In the Indian Astrology, the Moon sign is given importance.

Indian Astrology is about the position of the Moon in relation to the Zodiac constellations. The Moon moves faster around the Earth and is impacted equally by the revolution and rotation of the Earth around the Sun.

Thus, on the same day, all children born are of the same Sun sign, yet they would have been born under different Moon signs.

Zodiac Sign Meanings are similar within the Western and Indian Astrological System.

The Western Sun sign is designed as per the dynamic model of the Zodiac Sign system.

The Indian Astrological System is designed as per the fixed model of the Zodiac Sign system.

You can find the difference in dates between the Western Sun Sign and the Indian Astrological Sign below.

Western Sun sign days

  1. Aries – March 21 – April 20
  2. Taurus – April 21 – May 21
  3. Gemini – May 22 – June 21
  4. Cancer – June 22 – July 22
  5. Leo – July 23 -August 23
  6. Virgo – August 22 – September 22
  7. Libra – September 24 – October 23
  8. Scorpio – October 24 – November 22
  9. Sagittarius – November 23 – December 21
  10. Capricorn – December 22 – January 20
  11. Aquarius – January 21 – February 19
  12. Pisces – February 20- March 20

Indian Astrological System days

  1. Aries- April 14 – May 15
  2. Taurus- May 15 – June 15
  3. Gemini- June 15 – July 16
  4. Cancer- July 16 – August 17
  5. Leo- August 17 – September 17
  6. Virgo- September 17 – October 17
  7. Libra- October 17 – November 16
  8. Scorpio- November 16 – December 16
  9. Sagittarius- December 16 – January 14
  10. Capricorn- January 14 – February 13
  11. Aquarius- February 13 – March 14
  12. Pisces- March 14 – April 14

Rashifal is the predictions given as per the Indian Astrological System and comprises the yearly, monthly and daily predictions.

It is based on the sidereal zodiac way or the Nirayana way. It is centred around the imaginary 360 degree “belt” of zodiac signs divided into 12 equal sectors.

Let us know how you can calculate the Zodiac Sign by date of birth.

Figure out the four important information given above like your place of birth, date of birth, time of birth, latitude and longitude and the and use of an

  • online horoscope calculator to calculate your Sun sign.
  • You can also take the details to an astrologer, and they can give you a detailed analysis too.
  • Simultaneously you can purchase your entire zodiac calculation from the online stores.

The Sun sign calculator can also calculate the

  • Moon sign,
  • Star sign and
  • Venus,
  • Mercury,
  • Mars and
  • other similar signs.

The Sun sign is the sign which tells you, what you want and the Moon sign or rashi tells you what you need. Zodiac Sign Meaning is similar in the Western and Indian Astrological System.

  • Aries is the birth symbol in the Zodiac Signs.
  • Pisces is the death symbol in the Zodiac Signs.
  • Scorpion is the symbol of darkness in the Zodiac Signs.
  • Sagittarius is the symbol of Light in the Zodiac Signs. It is the constellation that houses the biggest Black hole and a tentative White hole. The arrow of the Sagittarius constellation is constantly pointed at the Scorpius constellation.
  • Libra is all about balancing the good and the Evil.
  • Virgo is about the Yin energy of the Universe.
  • Leo is the Yang energy of the Universe.
  • Cancer is about the directed energies
  • Capricorn is all about the indirect energies.
  • Aquarius is about the chaos in the Universe and existence of all under a confusing lawlessness.
  • Gemini constellation is targeted at imbalance between the Yin and Yang energies.
  • Taurus is all about the art and the abstractness present in the world. “Abstractness comes from art and art comes from abstractness,” is how the Taurean works.

To conclude, we can state that Zodiac sign by date of birth can be calculated online very easily nowadays.

Astrologers can help you find the details and predict your potential ways. Zodiac signs by date of birth is a very convenient way and you can do it anytime.

If you had not known previously, you can know it now very well using any of the free or paid calculators. There is nothing that can be hidden about you from yourself.

Thus, unearth this valuable and useful information that is easily available at your doorstep. Know more about who you are here, and how you live throughout. It must be your choice, ultimately in the end.

Aaj ka Rashifal is a good way to keep in touch with your inner self regularly.

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