7 Tips About Knowing the Quality of Jewelry

How to Know to Quality of Jewelry

It is important to be sure that you’re buying the real thing when shopping for jewelry. No matter how much you like a piece of jewelry or think it looks beautiful, make sure that you check for the quality before buying as low-quality jewelry does not last long. They may cause allergies on your skin or give you discoloration when you wear them.

How do you know the quality of jewelry? There are a few simple tests that you can perform right at the jewelry shop before paying for the piece.

In this article, we have explained a few effective tips which you can apply in making sure you get your money’s worth every single time that you buy a piece of jewelry.

How Can you Tell if Jewelry is Good Quality

To know the quality of jewelry when making purchases, keep the following things in mind.

1. The Depth of Color of the Jewelry

Check the color of the jewelry you are buying to see if is as expected. Real jewelry has a well-saturated appearance and its color is uniform and deeply embedded. Anything short of this may be fake jewelry.

2. The Quality and Weight of the Metal

You can lift the jewelry in your hand to weigh the out in order to compare weights. Real gems are actually weighty while fake ones are relatively light.

3. The Delicateness and Art

Check for how the jewelry is constructed. If there is any sort of gum, you should know that it is fake. Quality jewelry is delicately constructed and the prong fittings well inserted into one another, not glued up.

4. Result of the Magnet Test

The magnet test is an excellent way of checking if a piece of jewelry is real or fake. When going to shop for your next set of jewelry, hold a piece of the magnet along. Since neither gold nor silver is magnetic, when you pick up the jewelry and it sticks to the magnet, know that it is fake.

5. Check the Hallmark

The hallmark of quality jewelry usually contains the metal content of the jewelry, for example, 15k gold, 12k gold, and 24k gold and learn the difference between 10K vs 14K Gold before buying. It also tells the country where the jewelry was made, the designer, and so on. The hallmark is an inscription that you usually find in the inside of the jewelry. Fake jewelry does not have hallmarks.

6. Check for Fillers

The presence of non-hypoallergenic materials especially nickel is an indication that a piece of jewelry is fake. Nickel will cause allergies and discomfort for your skin.

7. Do the Fog Test?

The fog test, just like the magnet test can be done at the jewelry shop, it is used to test for real diamonds. Blow hot air from your mouth onto the jewelry you are about to buy. If the diamond fogs up, then it is fake as real diamonds do not hold any heat in them.

Things to Watch out For to Tell Real Jewelry

  1. Watch out for unnaturally low prices: Real jewelry is expensive. You should be suspicious if you are offered jewelry that is ridiculously cheap.
  1. Go for a Respectable Seller: A respectable seller is reliable and will not sell you fake things, and also has a reputation to protect.
  1. Be sure of the Return Policy: Jewelry with unclear return policy should never be taken off the shelf. Ensure that you have a window of return before you buy it.
  1. Ensure there are Certification and Documentation: This cannot be overemphasized, it is very important that your purchase is certified.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Following all of the above tips, you are not going to go wrong in your purchase.

Feel free to take your time while buying affordable jewelry; do not let anyone pressurize you into buying what you are unsure about.

Good luck with your purchases.

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