6+ Different and Several Last-Minute Name Day Presents

Might you be wondering what is name day, and of course which are ideal presents given on that ceremonious day? Then you will get enlightened as you continue reading this article. The origin of name day comes from Christians like Catholics and Orthodox, who marks the calendar of saints and martyrs.

After their baptism, they get a name resonating with that of saints. And that’s why they get a chance to celebrate their namesake whenever the saint’s day comes once a year. It is a common tradition practiced in parts of Europe and America. If you suddenly get an invitation for this occasion, here is a list of what you can take along, as a name day wishes:

Naming day photo album

name day wishes-Naming day photo

Usually, this is a day you expect a lot of picture taking. Everyone will need to have their photo taken with the person who is celebrating a new name. Getting the recipient an album dedicated to the special day is the most delightful present you can ever give. However, this is a gift appropriate for a girl because of its color.

A special bottle of wine

name day wishes-A special bottle of wine

When you get invited to a name day celebration of an adult, to most youths, it’s an excuse to imbibe and feast for this occasion, just like a birthday bash. So, a bag of wine will be an honorable gift to take along. Find someplace where you can have the bag monogrammed with the recipient’s name, to give it a personalized touch.

A bracelet or a dainty chain

name day wishes-A bracelet or a dainty chain

These are some impressive presents for children, men, and ladies. Even if the recipients are not yet of age, they can have it customized to fit them. You can also get the bracelet or a chain monogrammed with their new name, which is a cool way to send a gift for a happy name day. It shows you were mindful of the day’s theme. Plus, it gives a person a sense of identity.


name day wishes-bouquet

When caught off guard with a quick decision to buy a loved one gift, getting a bouquet of roses or any other flower such as carnation, tulips, or daisies is always a good alternative. If you are aware of the celebrant’s favorite blooms, it quickly gets your problem solved. Include a card and some other goodies like gourmet chocolates where possible.

Anti-alcohol basket

Name day wishes-Anti-alcohol basket

Those who don’t love alcohol can also enjoy a goodie basket of assorted products that can make a hot drink. Get a pack that includes a variety of gradients that can help you experience an Italian evening with Scottish tea, coffee pralines Cupido, chocolate with ginger, blackberry, almonds, and orange Cachets, and many more.

The beauty of these gifts is that you can prepare a drink, enjoy it with your buddies, and complement it with the Walker cookies that come with this package at any time of the day or night.

A goodie bag

Name day wishes-A goodie bag

If you have a friend in Greece who might invite you for a name day, it’s good to know that the name day celebration is as big as a birthday bash. Greeks like to indulge in sweet savories. Sending a delicious gateau or a dozen flavored assorted cupcakes can be the leading product in the name day wishes basket.

Use basket fillers like chocolates and an assortment of candies, which can be fantastic if shared with friends and family.

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A teddy with a name

Name day wishes-A teddy with a name

Most young people love teddy bears, and during the name day celebration, this can be an ideal time to offer this soft and sweet gift. Please give it a special touch by choosing an appropriate message that will delight the celebrant or plan to have it customized according to your choice of words.

The gift will be a constant reminder of the person who gave it to you, and if it was your better half or sweetheart, you could hug it tightly when you are missing them.

A candle with the photo

Name day wishes-A candle with the photo

Choose a recent beautiful celebrant photo and find the saint’s picture that corresponds with him. Then have them printed on a candle and take the gift to the name day celebration.

It turns up to be a remarkable gift for a Christian friend who will appreciate saying his prayers with this light candle. And as he faces the picture of the saint, he can use him as an advocate for his prayers.

Baby’s Onesie

Name day wishes-Baby's Onesie

If the occasion is for a baby, buy him an Onesie and embroidered with his name to make it more adorable. That is if time allows it. You can find retail stores that can get the monogram done instantly. While shopping for the Onesie, find something warm and one with the right fabric suitable for the baby’s skin like organic cotton. It should also be soft and comfortable.

In Conclusion

Think of name day celebrations like any other festivity such as a birthday. Consider getting your friends one of the listed arrays of gifts to wish them a happy name day. Although you can get another variety of presents, note that Greece and the Polish will appreciate a bouquet of roses to go along with them especially, if the celebrant is a woman.

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